“The Art of Feminine Marketing”…. 

The words slipped past my tongue. I felt a shiver of excitement. My eyes filled with tears, a sign that I had hit on a truth.

The Art of Feminine Marketing was sending a call. Would I be the one to birth her into the world?

Like any birth, there was a period of development. This was not something I could rush. Each piece unveiled itself in the correct timing.

Mentors, teachers, and unseen help arrived at the perfect moment. And I said, yes, yes. 

Then I found the resources and the time to birth this new way of doing business.

At the same time, Lindsay A. Miller was evolving her business as well.

I knew Lindsay as the premier photographer in the self-development and coaching industry. She had done my headshots, making me feel, for the first time ever, comfortable in front of the camera. Actually beautiful.  I knew she had special magic.

Wildly Visible was calling to her. And my sweet soul-sister was listening.

When we found ourselves in deep conversation, I knew that it was meant to be. The Feminine is collaborative, she works best in community, in a spirit of inclusiveness and spaciousness and abundance. She is seeking partnerships that enrich all they touch.

The Art of Feminine Marketing and Wildly Visible were asking to dance together.

“It begins,” I said, “with the wound. Within our childhood wounds are the keys to who we are here on the planet to serve, how we are uniquely designed to serve them, and the language that will lead them to us. Within the wound is the key to magnetic marketing.”

The wound,” said Lindsay, “is a holy thing. Let’s honor and memorialize it. Let’s bring it out of the shadows and into the light. Let’s give our women the space to experience it fully and embrace its glory.”

This was a new way of looking at wounds. The old paradigm was to either stuff it down and “get over it” or send it love and “get over it”.

We said yes, and brought the women in my program together to mine and memorialize their wounds.

And there was more.

Once mined, embraced, and memorialized in the photographs, the wounds lost their sting, and natural healing occurred.

The women, over the course of the next few months of coaching, began to see what was possible for them. Without the shadow of woundedness, yet with access to the wisdom of their wounds, they began to experience their true power and the potency of their inner fire.

This year, we traveled to Salem, Massachusetts for our second photoshoot. We were drawn to reclaim the part of us that creates, like magic, what we desire from our strong connection with Source/God/The Universe.  

We went to reclaim the witch.

The energy that swirled around us was intense. We reclaimed our power. We reclaimed the power of the feminine that had been so maligned during the witch trials. We reclaimed the parts of ourselves that we had hidden in shame, because women were both the victims and the accusers.

We reclaimed all the parts of ourselves.

A woman in her power is a magnificent thing. She can achieve whatever she sets her mind to, with grace and ease, letting go of any struggle or heavy push.

This, too, is part of what makes these women extraordinary business women, healers, coaches, teachers.

We are all witches, as the magic of creation exists within our wombs.

This magic we bring to our work in service to our clients.

Lindsay and I will share, over the next two weeks,  the year long  journey of extraordinary women who said YES to going deep, to allow all parts of themselves to be called forth, and to be seen for their highest good and the good of all.

I invite you to drink in their beauty and their power, as  it is also a reflection of your own beauty and power. And please, leave a note to let them know how much you appreciate their willingness to be the way-showers of this new way.


With all my heart,

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