Have you ever just stopped to consider the beauty and gifts in your wounds , instead of burying them deeply inside or stomping them into the ground?

For most people the answer is no, we exile them to the dark and feed them a diet of shame.

But not for my clients.

As a coach, I have watched wounded parts lurking in every client, holding them back from the abundance and success they long for. They are right there, under the surface, screaming to be seen.

This is why I have created my body of work, Art of Feminine Marketing Mastermind, where the gifts we mine from these deep-wound places show us how powerful we are, how unique our skills are, how we can perfectly serve our right tribe.

Natural healing occurs as we do this. The wound loses its sting and becomes a priceless work of art. The Feminine opens, we connect more deeply with our most powerful self, allowing us to create our most sacred desires with ease and spaciousness. Throughout this program, the women use all they have experienced to expand their growth, their businesses, their capacity to serve their clients.

And the coolest thing, is that we first photograph these parts and put them in a place of honor by having Lindsay A. Miller capture them on camera.  Then, in the second part of the year, we  photograph the other parts, the radiant priestess, or Queen, in her full power.

SO, let’s consider an example.

For Ellen Wrona, the wound came easily. It is a fear that many women in the third act feel.

I’m afraid to be an old, broke lady, with nothing but failed, hair-brained schemes  littering my past” said Ellen. “I’m afraid that everyone will think I’ve wasted my life. I’m afraid they already think that.”

“I’ll wander around in my nightgown,” she continued, “with a tinfoil hat to keep the aliens out of my brain.”

This was a real fear that not only Ellen named for herself, she also named the fear for all the women who’ve ever thought it was too late for them.

We found an abandoned house with piles of garbage and rotting furniture in the front lawn.  Ellen was wearing flannel pajamas and her pearls.  She was walking about dazed and confused, just like her worst fear.

And then there was a moment we all held our breaths as…

Ellen placed the tin hat on her head.

The moment was surreal, it was like everything melted into reality.  We felt it… a quiet hush on the set.

Ellen felt it.   She cried, she yelled, she cursed those who had refused to believe in her.

And then… there is always this moment…

things shifted….

Ellen laughed

“It’s not too late,” she laughed, “to embrace the joy in each ‘scheme’. To be happy.”   

 She found her power center, and knew that this fear wasn’t reality.

Flash forward to the second shoot of the year.

Interestingly, this photoshoot was harder. The other women had their themes for the shoot. They knew what essence they would bring to the day.

Ellen was stalling, going back and forth, not landing on the right one, feeling bad because she didn’t have what the others had.  

We watched her sink back into her crazy lady, lost and confused. She got angry and wanted to walk away.

This is how our wounds show up!  In the everyday moments they take over and affect our decision making.  When we identify that we are in the grip of a wound, we can turn it around.  

“What do you really want?” Lindsay asked. “I will give you whatever you want.”

Ellen turned, her eyes flashing, alive! “I just want to be happy. I want to wear my dress and spin in circles and not care what anyone thinks.”

“YES!” I shouted. “You may have whatever YOU want….”

And so Ellen danced in the waves of the Atlantic.. She stood on rock and laughed at the wind. She demanded her time in front of the camera, her space on the planet.

Since then, she has made many more courageous decisions based, not on what others think she should do or  on what others will think of her. But based on what SHE WANTS, on what will make her the most joyous.

And that is what success is really all about.

Yes, Ellen, tell us. What MORE do you want??


With all my heart,

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