Have you ever wondered what would happen if you let the world really see you?

Maybe you’ve felt constriction thinking about being that vulnerable?

“I could never let them know that about me!”

I understand. I’ve felt that way. I’ve hidden safely behind role as coach. I’ve seen clients hiding safely behind their personas.

Yet, there is always a moment when the truth slips through. When the wounded part that just wants to be loved and acknowledged shows up.

The beauty of that part always moves me.

And to work with Lindsay A Miller, who pulls the wound forth and memorializes it photos… that’s magic.

The women fall in love with parts of themselves that they have hidden.  They become free to use all of their being for their mission vs. using their energy to hide.

Then we see their power!

For Mary, the wound had her wrapped in knots.

Her body ached with the weight of hiding.

Her mind was in a swirl from trying to always be perfect.

And so we wrapped her in ropes, messed up her hair, let her rage.

The wild in her came out. The raw animal strength of a woman who refuses to allow herself to be held down anymore, who refused to let those who had wounded her win. When she allowed us to see her pain, we saw her power.

For the second shoot in Salem, Mary became the Queen.

She had freed herself from the bonds and was able to fully stand in her radiance.

This was a different Mary.

This was her standing her ground for her mission, for her women, for those she is meant to heal. This was her standing her ground for women who have been traumatized and shamed. Able to hold a safe space for their raging, the waves of their despair, their regaining their selves and healing.

She said “Now is the time. I will be the one to take this stand. I will comfort my kingdom. I will show the way for them to heal. I will guide wounded mothers in their own healing so that our children inherit a kinder, more loving world.”

And we say:

Yes! Yes to Queen Mary. Yes to More of YOU.

With all my heart,

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