Have you  ever honored the deepest, most secret dark parts  of your soul? For most people the answer is no, because we usually  exile them  and feed them a diet of shame. In so doing, we hide them  from the love they/we crave.

The core of my Art of Feminine Marketing Mastermind program  brings these parts into the light, mining  their gifts of wisdom in service to my client’s work. The wounds are the key to knowing, without a doubt, who your right tribe is, how to find them, what to say so they know you are the one to help them solve their deepest pain. So your marketing becomes unique and magnetic, like you.

Lindsay Miller is the perfect collaborator for this work.

As a photographer, she has seen  these wounds lurk in almost every client’s photo shoot. They are right there, under the surface, screaming to be seen.

A brilliant part of Lindsay’s work involves photographing these wounds and gifts, illuminating their sting and their gift giving potential. 

Together we blend photography into the discovery and acknowledgement of each woman’s wound and gifts. 

For Jes, the wound’s weekend (the first weekend retreat is always about wounds) started in disbelief.

We had taken the women to Joshua Tree, California, in the middle of the Mojave Desert.  While the desert holds its own magic,  on the surface it appears as lifeless, dusty, inhospitable. A perfect representation of our soul when we deny parts of ourselves.

“Where did you bring us?” Jes questioned.

Jes is a woman of elegance and grace. She carries herself regally and with honor.  A dusty California desert was NOT her favorite place.

And then she uncovered her deepest wound, I am a selfish, fake mistake and a narcissist.”

Under her beautiful clothes, her perfect makeup (seriously, if I could be that good at eyeliner….), I could see the true Jes. The Jes that was so afraid of being seen as fake and as selfish that she always had a perfect polish.

The wound drove her to develop her natural healing powers even as the wound nagged that it might all be made up.

I saw the wild woman in Jes who longed to scream her fury at the wound, to lose her polish and throw things, to be allowed to rage.

As Lindsay turned her magic camera on Jes, I held the space for her to release the power of her anger. And when she no longer had to hold it back, her true beauty shone through.

This allowed her joy, her sexiness, her true spirit to shine in Salem, at the second shoot.

She became, before our eyes, captured in images, the Goddess of magic activation, that she had always been.

She was, is,  HOT, HOT, HOT.

Yes, Jes…. We want more of this.

With all my heart,

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