2018 was the third year that I’ve been working with clients to reveal the gifts in their wounds.

It was the second year that I’ve partnered with Lindsay A Miller to photograph and memorialize the wounds. Our second year combining our vision and unique gifts   to create a container that allows women to feel ALL of who they are and reclaim the lost and hidden, the shameful and pain- filled parts of themselves.

It was our second year of travel with our women, removing them from their everyday lives to  create space for them to fully inhabit their true power.

We thought we knew what would happen.

The mining of wounds often brings tears, anger, sadness.

We were prepared for that. There is power in that, which can be used to support success. We understand how to release the sting of a wound, by discovering it’s gifts.

Ashley, a highly successful, multi-six figure branding architect, was a surprise.

She is whip-smart, delightful and nearly perfect. This perfection is what makes her work so incredibly authentic and valuable.

So I should not have been surprised to learn that Ashley’s wound, the one hidden behind all that perfection, was that she might really be a lazy, messy, small and stupid failure.

And so we photographed her in the dirty, messy, lazy little girl. We allowed her to spill ice cream on her shirt and squish donuts on her tights. Activities that would have left her mother, who carried backups to Ashley’s backup outfits,  totally embarrassed, ashamed and mortified.

As Ashley laughed through the photoshoot, she began to see the very real fear of her clients. That they too would be found out to be lazy, to be messy, perhaps even human.

She saw a new side of her clients, a new understanding of her value in helping them find their authentic voices.

In Salem, this newfound understanding made her fierce. Feeling deep empathy toward her own inner, messy girl, gave her greater empathy for her clients. “I would go to war for my people,” she said.

Once the warrior rose, she sank in. Sure, confident. No need to push. Connected completely.

No need to worry or strive.  Success with ease.  

We felt her power.

We sighed in awe.

Yes, yes Ashley, we want more.

With all my heart,

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