Sometimes the wound is simple, elegant in the way it pushes us, prods us, torments us.

Sometimes, in the face of all the things that are happening in the world, it’s easy to dismiss our own wound.

Get over it, we think. I had a good childhood. This is a small thing.

Yet, it is our thing. And it can be as insidious as the big wounds at keeping us small and hidden.

This was Kimberly’s story.

Whip smart, highly accomplished, with a stellar reputation for helping Silicon Valley companies grow to the next level and beyond.

The thing that kept her constantly chasing the next achievement, never able to just relax and bask in success was the wound.


The word stung.

“No,” she said, during our wounds retreat in Joshua Tree, “I refuse to be boring.”

This was the first layer of the wound. The layer that had driven her to be extraordinary.

Once the door was opened, she fell into  deeper knowing.

“A part of me,” she said. “always thought I was a bad Christian.”

In her head she knew this wasn’t true. This is a woman of true faith. Her connection to God is

actually her greatest tool in creating success.

But the wound nudged her… first with “don’t be boring.” Then when she differentiated herself, when she wasn’t like everyone else, when she was interesting, the wound sought attention a different way.

“Your parents dropped you at the Church door. They didn’t celebrate Christ the way other families did. It is because you are DIFFERENT. Everyone else’s way is right and yours is wrong.”

This is often how the wound works to stretch us in all the ways we need to be stretched in order to learn the skills needed to serve our right people.

Not wanting to be boring pushed Kimberly to do exceptional work that most can’t or won’t. Which made her different, triggering that wound. And so she deepened her faith, expanded her awareness of what God wants for her, which allowed her to become even more remarkable.

A circle of woundedness that held tremendous gifts.

And once explored, mined for gifts, and memorialized through photos by the Amazing Lindsay A Miller, the wounds healed.

Kimberly was able to love the wounded parts of her that had been hidden away. She relaxed into the knowing that she is simply Beloved of God. And this became the theme of the second shoot.

Kimberly, the beloved, extraordinary bad ass. Nothing else to prove.

Her new motto is simply: Service, Honor, Pleasure

Yes, yes, yes!!!

We want to bask in this with you, Kimberly. Thank you for bringing ALL of You to the world.

With all my heart,

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