It started with a photo Lindsay A Miller had posted of herself, in a trash bag, crying on the side of the road.

It touched me.

Such bravery to be witnessed in her deepest fear, to stand on the edge of visibility and truth. To be seen. This is where the deep healing occurs.

I wanted the women in my Art of Feminine Marketing program to experience this healing. And so I invited Lindsay to join me at two live retreats that I wove into the program.

At the first retreat, I started by having the women identify their core wounds, then they mine the wounds for gifts. What did the wound teach them? What skills did they develop to avoid another wound like this?

Then we share.

When Meda shared her wound of feeling like a worthless burden, a piece of garbage, Lindsay and I exchanged a look. We knew.

The most valuable thing for Meda would be to actually wear the garbage bag. She agreed.

Together, we decided she would be placed on the side of the road in front of a burned out house.

She glared at us, not happy with wearing just a bag. Not happy with being witnessed as garbage.

She cried. She yelled. Finally, she defiantly tore the bag from her body and stood proudly.

“You can put me in the bag,” she said, “But I will never be treated like garbage again.”

And the funny thing is, during Meda’s shoot, and no one else’s, we attracted men. They waved as they drove by. They passed us and stopped down the road to see what we were doing. It was the most traffic we saw all day.

Because even when Meda is in her wound, her energy is magnetic.

This magnetism was what we wanted to capture in the second shoot, in Salem.

At first, Meda was uncomfortable. She giggled when we gave her the crown and the robe.

“You are the High Priestess,” I said.

Meda shrugged… and then…

There is always a moment…

Meda became the embodiment of the Divine.

The confident, radiant High Priestess, channeling Source, the lifeblood of the planet.

The spark of all life shone in her eyes.

We felt it and we knew her power to heal others.

Yes, Yes, Meda. We need you.

With all my heart,

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