Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for allowing me to share the brave, powerful women in my Art of Feminine Marketing year long program with you over the last two weeks.

Thank you for witnessing their wounds and their magic unfold.

I’m filled with gratitude for the magic and energy you lend to us as you read about each of these women.

And I’m really grateful that you’ve witnessed my work to create  a container for their unfolding.

I stand on the shoulders of wonderful women who shared their wisdom, their knowingness, with me. Who have prodded, supported and encouraged me to grow into a woman who is capable of doing this work:

  • My first mentor, who showed me that the spirit world is real, that unseen helpers are here for us;
  • My first shaman, who took me on journeys into my past lives and taught me that generational healing is possible;
  • My first money coach, who taught me that money is my friend, my partner, a true loving energy working for my highest good;
  • My first business coach, who taught me all about strategy even as she nurtured the hidden, little parts of me… and introduced me to Lindsay A. Miller, my photographer and partner in this project;
  • My first wealth coach, who took me to the red rocks of Sedona where Lindsay and I did my first wounds shoot during a retreat with her. And taught me that Source is my Source…for everything; and
  • My first Wise Grandmother, who called me out to be more, to carry wisdom for the generations to come, to go boldly into unseen territory, charting my own way.

I share them with you to honor their work, which informs and shapes my work, and to let you know that you also cannot do it alone.

Women often have some deep and mistaken belief that our value comes from being able to do it all ourselves. We can “bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never, never let him forget he’s a man.”

The truth is, we are designed to create in community. We are elevated by likeminded sisters. We are opened to more abundance by mentors and coaches who show us what we can’t see ourselves.

The work you are called to do, your soul’s purpose, deserves all that you can give.  

You need the best mentors, the best co-creators, the best container for YOUR growth. This unique collection of “bests” allows you to give more without efforting, exhausting yourself, or giving up on the rest of your life.

Your mission deserves nothing less.

You deserve nothing less.

I invite you to consider joining me at my Annual Art of Feminine Marketing Gathering in Feb.

You’ll mastermind with many of the women you’ve been witnessing over the last two weeks.

You’ll gain some valuable wisdom from Lindsay about the value of visibility, who is both a great photographer and  healer as well.

You’ll have a conversation with money that will blow apart your limiting money beliefs, leaving you open to receive more.

You’ll begin to mine the gifts from your own wounds.

and whatever else Source desires for your highest and best good.

I’m offering a special coupon to thank you for standing witness over the last two weeks.

Reserve your seat today here, use the coupon code “Save200” when you choose full pay and you’ll receive a $200 discount. The coupon expires on Monday, so do it today.

Looking forward to supporting you,

With all my heart,

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