Dear one,

You are needed in the world today.

Your voice is needed as we design of a new way of doing business.

Your message is needed as we weave healing for the planet.

Your beingness is needed in  collaboration with woman who are gathering.

When we join our powers together we are greater than anyone of us alone.

The is the magic of gathering.

This is why I’m hosting the Art of Feminine Marketing Annual Gathering in February.

Now, I know you’ve heard me talk about the event.

And you’ve had some thoughts and some feelings about it.

  • You’d like to find out what the heck your wounds have to do with your marketing.
  • You’d like to know how to expand your capacity to receive more money.
  • You’d love a marketing strategy that feels easeful, natural and lets YOU be all of YOU … including your witchy bits, your bitchy bits, your woo woo, your not so woo… and the shadow you that you perhaps don’t yet know.

Yet, you’re still not sure that California in February is the place for you.

I invite you to let me help you decide. I’m really good at helping women get clear about what is in their best interest. And since I only have room for another 14 women to join us, I won’t be pressuring you. I will be looking for the right women.

If any part of you is resonating with the Art of Feminine Marketing, let’s chat.

Choose a time that works for you here.

And if you are ready to claim your spot at the Annual Gathering you can do that here.

With all my heart,

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