The river is running.

Really, it’s just a little tributary stream a weak-handed stone’s throw away from my back door. We’ve lived here since June and the creek has been a sand – filled dry bed that we cross to hike the acres of trails above.

Yet, after hours of downpour it’s risen to a wide, deep, loudly roiling, fast-moving menace. .

The sound of it as I walk out the door invokes a quickening. We raise our voices to be heard as we excitedly throw a fallen orange into the flow, watching it swept away in seconds.

As the rain lets up, the creek quiets to a rushing whisper, and I feel a comforting, easy satisfaction. I am mesmerised by these changes, reminders that there is ebb and flow in nature, in life, in business.

We are two months into the year, a few days from my annual live event and, like the stream, I feel life coursing through me.

I feel ideas asking to be brought into the world.

I feel dreams turning to visions, rolling into plans.

My Divine Masculine is ready for action. My Divine Feminine basking in the pleasure of seeing her work brought to life in the world.

I’ve laid the foundation. I’ve brought in a strong team to support me. I’ve stepped into the flow of Source and allowed myself to be stretched. 

I’ve decided that enough is enough.

In the months leading up to the annual event, I was reminded of the “right” way, the formulas I “should” use to enrol people. I heard the monkey voice saying I wasn’t working “hard enough” or “long enough”.  The event won’t be  “big enough” or “fancy enough” or “soulful enough” or “professional enough”. All the “enough”  showed up, as if on queue.

We’ve been taught that business is HARD, you must work LONG HOURS and SACRIFICE is essential.

I am choosing a different way.

I am choosing to let go of struggle. To build my business with joy, connection and respect. To stop trying fit myself into a box to please others.

I’ve decided to be the stream that flows without concern that it might be too small, or powerless, or unimportant.

Because every single time I’ve let go of controlling outcomes; every single time I’ve stepped into being happy; every single time I release the hold that my success is more important than my mission;… every time my business grows. My income grows. My satisfaction grows.

I share this with you so that you can know there is a different way. A way that honors ALL of who you are, that allows you to find success without giving up the rest of your life, that acknowledges that you are a women and women do things differently.

Try this little experiment this week. Instead of getting up in the morning and jumping right into work, take a moment to connect with Source. Ask, what does the world most need from me today?

Do that first; then, let me know your results.

With all my heart,

PSwant to learn more about how the Art of Feminine Marketing can support your business? I invite you to schedule a complementary call with me to explore.

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