Last week as I was closing my group coaching call, a hawk swooped by and landed on a branch just outside my office window.

I tell the women, “Hawk is here to guide you.”

I turn inward and listen. Hawk tells me, “It is time to be bold, unapologetic. It is time to bring your best visions to life. It is time to deepen your insight, to give in to your longing for more understanding, more experiences, more knowledge, more connection.

It is time to call them out. The hidden healers, the magic ones who are afraid, the wisdom keepers who feel cut off, left out, alone.

It is time for the women to gather, as women have done throughout history. It is time to lay down the swords of competition and lift each other skyward, until all women soar, all men with them.

It is time to see the world from 1000 feet above, and from deep within. To know that when women deepen their vibration, their connection, their commitment to living joyously, honoring all, men rise to meet them. This simple act of soaring… that is what changes the world.”

We women who walk in magic, who hear the messages of Source, who carry the mantle of healer, teacher, leader… we may not be understood by others.

They may want us to come back to earth. To make ourselves small. To be pretty songbirds in gilded cages.

Yet, we are wild spirits.

Hawk reminds us that we are meant to soar.

Meant to weave our own reality from the threads of our creativity.

Meant to be acknowledged for our willingness to  lead a new way of BEing and a new way of DOing business.

In this new way, our actions are birthed, not from a formula or because “that’s how it’s always been done,” but because the act of visioning produces energy. Being in the dream of life establishes momentum. That energy and momentum is then expressed, by our Divine Masculine as inspired action in full support of our Divine Feminine creation. Hawk doesn’t work at being a hawk. Hawk just is. When you are all of who you are, you too will soar with Hawk.

With all my heart,

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** To learn more about Hawk Magic, check out this fabulous book: Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews.**

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