Last night as I relaxed in a very hot bubble bath, I looked around at my beautiful new bathroom and thought, “I have a really good life.”

Now, it’s not perfect.

Today, for instance, I’ve already had to deal with my 4 year old Grandson’s typical off-the-chart  temper tantrum during my Monday morning team call. So, while my Social Media Maven and I were designing a poll for my Facebook group, my grandson was melting down because he didn’t know how to build a Lego garage.

I tell you this because I want you to know, Life Happens.

Shit comes up.

Sometimes you have to cover the babysitting, or the drive to the doctor, or the feeding of the wild beasts because you are the one with a flexible schedule. You are the one that can adjust while everyone else has a boss and a job with set hours.

This flexibility is great when you want to take a walk on the beach mid-week, yet can also be a giant pain in the butt.

And still… I have a really good life. (BTW – he just told me that “Later you should give me a hug.”)

This good life came because I dug in and did the work.

After I left my first, very bad, marriage I attended a series of personal development courses. I knew that in order to have the life I wanted, vs. recreating the life I had left, that I needed to change ME. I was the common factor. I did the inner work.

When the housing market crashed taking my new, lovely, husband’s business with it, I dug in again. I spent money that we didn’t have to hire a powerful coach. I did the work with her and within 9 months had tripled my income.

And when I heard the call to lead (who me???) a new paradigm of business, I dug in again. I agreed to bring all of me to the table. My life-long business knowledge and my deep spiritual tools. My witchy magic rituals and my ability to see the unseen.

It was freaking scary. I thought I might blow up the whole business.

And in a sense, I did.

I stopped pushing. I stopped teaching “push”. I started listening. I let go of clients for whom I was no longer the right coach. I let go of programs that were of the old paradigm. I let go of a business name that I loved, yet no longer reflected who I am.

I had to be willing to let go of what I knew, and step into the darkness of not knowing. I had to keep going, even when life got in the way.

And piece by piece, the new way revealed itself. With it, came a really, really good life.

It can be scary to let  go of what you know.

Life can get in the way and give you plenty of justifiable excuses to delay following the call coming from the “holy place of I don’t know yet”*.

These difficulties are actually a part of the call.

They are what strengthen you for your hero’s  journey.

They teach you how to solve problems and create new pathways.

They challenge you to bring the best of who you are to the table.

They are show the next step in the darkness.

I’m not letting them stand in my way. I’m on a mission to empower 1 million women. I’m on a mission to create abundance in the world. I’m on a mission to leave my little ones a better planet.

I’m not letting a little Lego tantrum stand in my way, and later I want to give more than one hug.

I invite you to consider what you are letting stop you, then go inward. Listen deeply to your soul’s knowing and discover the next right step.

With all my heart,

PS – ** Many thanks to Conner Sauer for teaching me about the “holy place of I don’t know yet.”

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