It’s vital to acknowledge that we strong women don’t always feel strong. We sometimes want to curl up in bed with chips and watch bad TV all day.

We want to cry and kick and scream.

Sometimes we curl up in a ball, sobbing.

Or whine that we just want the world to disappear.

Then we remember.

We are the creators.

We make our own reality.

The ones who try to tear us down are doing it out of their own brokenness. It has nothing to do with us.

The overwhelming list of to do’s is just society’s way of chaining us.

The comparisons that run through our head when we see what others are up to, are simply the after effects of growing up in a world that pushes competition and scarcity.

Everything, everything, is pulling for our good, our joy, our growth.

We strong women take a moment to breathe.

To listen.

To connect with Source.

To remember who we really are.

I invite you to tell me what you remember about who you really are as you read these words. Email me at julie @ juliefoucht .com.

With all my heart,

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