What a week!

Mine started last Friday. Friday is always Grammy day where I play with 3-5 of my littles.

That Friday, Maddie, age 7, made chili and cornbread for everyone, She is quite a little chef and loved ‘hiding’ zucchini in the cornbread so the others wouldn’t know they were eating veggies.

That evening, we staged an impromptu cousin-family dinner. Eli, age 4, took a few bites of chili, claimed his tummy hurt, and then started throwing up, initially all over. And then for hours. Which meant hours upon hours of laundry on Saturday, and full house cleaning and disinfecting on Sunday.

On Monday, I let it all get the best of me, and I began to feel a bit hung over from the roller coaster of weekend events, added to the usual work that comes with having extra family members under one roof.

By Wednesday I had completely lost my voice, all my energy, and could barely stay awake.

Today, I’m slowly creeping back.

Honestly, when my son and his son moved in with us last September, I thought it might be a little more work. However, a 4 year-old boy brings a lot of extra energy in the house. He must RUN each evening before bath time. There are temper tantrums and demands and tears, along with extra play time, silly jokes and giggles.

I’ve noticed I’ve let all that energy and a myriad of related, random events distract me from my big business vision. From the projects I have planned. From the fun stuff that I want to bring to my tribe this year.

The old way, the way I learned from Tony Robbins years ago, is to push through. To ignore the emotions that come up, the slight headache, the lack of energy.

I know that I don’t want to perpetuate that old paradigm.

So, I stop.

I listen inward.

I hear my business say, “Be gentle with me. You don’t need to be standing on a chair at midnight wildly applauding. You don’t need to be pushing yourself to be wildly enthusiastic right now. Just be gentle. See the tender spirit of your work.”

I see the softness of working in the feminine. The way that things unfold with allowing, verses forcing.

I know the Mama Bear fierceness when I’m standing up for my clients and my mission. I also know the gentleness of holding a client in her tears so that she can fully express..

The old paradigm says only the fierceness is valuable.

The Art of the Feminine says fierceness without gentleness cannot exist. They are two sides of the same coin. We must, as women, embrace both in order to achieve real, authentic, powerful success.

As I breathe this in, I feel the spark. The new free online event I’m working on shares another bit of itself with me. A new retreat I’m planning to focus on money shares an action it would like me to take.

I gently receive these bits of wisdom. And I am grateful for this new way.

With all my heart,

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