We were having a wildly expansive, amazing discussion about money.

And then she said it:

“Of course, I don’t need money…”

I felt all the energy around our conversation collapse inward. Money turned away, feeling, again, dismissed.

There are so many misconceptions around money. Especially for those of us who are light workers, healers, coaches.

There is an idea that we must be complete within ourselves to be powerful, to be effective, to be one with Source. No need for MONEY. As if just saying it is a dirty word.

But the truth is we DO need money.

On just a basic level money is the currency used by our society to meet our basic needs: food, clothing, shelter;  so, there’s that.

My conversations with Money have taught me there is more, and  it goes much, much deeper.

You see, money is a physical representation of the energy of appreciation. This energy is part of the energy of Source. It is an energy of moving forward, of growing, of becoming more of who we came to be.

Saying “I don’t need money” is like saying I don’t need Source energy in order to be in connection with the Divine.

It’s just all kinds of mixed up.

This might be a new way of thinking for you, so I’ll say it differently.

All Source energy desires to elevate our experience on earth. It wants us to be fully expressed, fully living our purpose. In order to live the life that Source desires for you, full of love,you must be open to and desirous of all the ways Source flows through you, including Money.

You NEED to be in a harmonious partnership with Money.

Yeah Baby.

You need money.

Here is the other side of that coin.

Money needs you.

Money, a part of Source, needs you so that it can do its work.

It can’t bless anyone, it can’t elevate anyone, it can’t even buy a popsicle without a human hand for it to pass through. You are the vessel through which money flows.

If you are a vessel of love, holding to the belief that there is abundance, Money flows.

If you are stingy, clinging to what you have, hurting others so you can accumulate more, Money sulks. It hides in the corner. It resists being in your hands, as Money  really hates this misuse of its power.

It is a fine line between being in worry and panic because the money hasn’t shown up in your bank account and being in a true, trusting relationship with the Energy of Money, knowing that you have each other’s back, knowing that it needs you as much as you need it, knowing that all is well.

The key to knowing what side of the line you are walking is to be in daily contact with the energy of Money.

To build a real relationship.

To negotiate the rough spots with Money. To listen to it, tell it how you feel, decide on a path forward together, just like any other important relationship.

This is such an important, central, fundamental  topic… I’ll be sharing more about it in the next couple of weeks.

And, because I know you have so much wisdom, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I invite you to send me a note and tell me what you’ve learned from Money.

With all my heart

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