I’ve been studying money and wealth for years.

It’s really one of my favorite subjects.

And for a long time, I thought of money as separate from spirituality.

I was raised to be a good Catholic girl with all the built-in guilt and sinfulness about wanting wealth.

But something in me always knew that money equals freedom.

Freedom to have the adventures I craved, to learn about things I was curious about, to create a comfortable life.

And yet another part of me craved my connection to Source, my ability to see what is hidden, to hear what is unsaid, to know the unknowable.

Sometimes I felt as if I walked in two separate worlds at the same time.

Until I started having conversations with the Energy of Money.

In the beginning, the conversations were short, tentative.  I would be upset at not having ‘enough’ money, or I would feel resentful paying bills. And Money would be hurt that I wasn’t more grateful for what I had. Or Money would be angry that I had, again, been stingy.

Slowly, Money helped me to unwind some old, limiting beliefs. Money showed is true spirit to me:the way that Money moves in the world, the way that Money wants to be used in the world, as a reflection of Source.

As I came to know the Energy of Money, more money started to flow through my bank account in ever- increasing quantities. I started to have those adventures, I was able to deepen my learning, I bought the home I had been dreaming of!!

I let go of old money hurt (like the way my Ex controlled me with money), released feeling stressed and powerless about what could happen in the future, and I began to understand how to truly manifest my desire through a deep and profound relationship to Money.

And Money said, “Your people need to know how you do this. For there to be abundance in the world, you need to teach this.”

When Money talks to me now, I listen.

Want to learn how you too can talk to Money???

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