This weekend was spent on the beach, in sacred retreat with my Art of Feminine Marketing Sistermind clients.

These women brought all of who they are to the weekend.

As the waves and the rain pounded the shore, the women gathered to dig into their most secret, shadowy wounds.

It is not easy work.

It takes courage to see what you’ve kept hidden from the world, from yourself for so long.

Yet, they were willing.

And in discovering the wound, they were able to see the gifts and talents they developed to compensate.

This became their unique sales position in their marketing. Their unique journey became the“Why someone should buy me, instead of someone else” selling point.

Something else happened.

Something deeper.

Something more profound.

They invited the wounded part of themselves out of the shadow where it had been existing on crumbs of hope for something better.

They discovered they loved that part of themselves.

Healing began.


We took them to an abandoned parking lot. A decrepit building that was itself wounded, weathered and trashed by caretakers of destruction.

And Lindsay A. Miller photographed the women in their wound.

Something shifted. The emotions moved through them and were released into Mama Earth who gently took the pain, and what remained was just love.

The women looked at each other and experienced love. They knew, that even in their most despicable, weak, repulsive state, they are loved. They are love.

This is the magic of being on retreat.

My words can’t do it justice.

This is a most profound experience (and the reason I include it in my coaching practice).

These women are changed, expanded, illuminated  from within.

Their marketing, programs, and service will reflect that.

They have become magnetic.

I am so honored and proud to be the channel of this work. To partner with a woman/photographer like Lindsay A. Miller. To guide these powerful, amazing, world shifting women.

And I am grateful to you for witnessing.

With all my heart,

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