The more I sink into the Feminine way of doing business, the more I realize how unhealthy our relationship with money has become in our society.

Until the recent past, lack of money kept women powerless. Women couldn’t own property, hire a lawyer or open a bank account without their husband or father’s permission.

That is no longer true, yet we carry that memory in our collective DNA.

And this creates all kinds of emotions:

Fear… shame… lack… left out… on and on.

The monkey voices in our heads are relentless.

“I don’t have enough money to make a difference in the world.”

“I may run out of money and then I’ll be homeless.”

“I’m making good money, but not as much as that leader, so I must not be as credible.”

“Why do they look so good on Social Media and I don’t. I must not be successful.”

“I have a good life; I should just be satisfied.”

“Its wrong to covet more money.”

Holy shit!

We are in an unwinnable battle here, ping-ponging between money is evil and I don’t have enough.

Your soul, stuck between choosing evil or struggle, chooses struggle.

Here is the truth:

Money has no morality. It is neither good nor bad. It is, simply, energy from Source.

Source energy, in its purest form, is love; so Money, in its purest form, is love.

Source energy, love, is unlimited. Money is unlimited.

Source wants you to be wildly fulfilled, delighted with life and serving your purpose in the highest way possible. This requires a Partnership with Money.

We are the ones who limit the amount of money we receive by listening to those silly monkey voices.

It should be easy, change the voices, change your income bracket.

Yet, I’ve discovered that it takes more than just a desire to change the script. It takes consistently building an authentic and aligned relationship with the Energy of Money.

The women who participated in the Courting Money Experience had a taste of this. They are reporting huge changes, after just 7 days, in their relationship with Money. This includes less stress about it, more power in their money decisions AND…. More money coming from some really cool, sometimes unexpected places!

If that can happen after 7 days, imagine what is possible in 90.

I’m opening the doors to the 90-day, small group, the Art of Feminine Money Partnership Intensive. Just you, me and a couple of business sisters on a journey to deepen your ability to receive and widen the flow of money into your life.

I really like small, intimate, supportive  groups wherein I can  really get to know you and what you need. I like an intensive money experience. Let’s get money flowing to you right away.

Lots of people will give you the mechanics of making money. In the Art of Feminine Money Partnership, you’ll learn the energetics so that you can make more, with more ease, love and fun.

So here is your invite:

If you are a woman who is sick of feeling at the mercy of your bank account;

If you want to hone the skill of manifesting what you want, when you want it;

If you are tired of buying programs to up-level your business, and they just don’t work;

If you want to find out how to make correct decisions with your money, every time;

If you want to fall in love with money so that you feel completely supported and successful; and

 If you are a woman who wants the power of money working with you as you accomplish your goals in this world.

Please join us:


With all my heart,

Here is what Sarah had to say:

Despite all of the inner work I’d done around self-worth and money, I found myself repeatedly starting a new venture, giving it my all, and ending up down to my last $2, angry and confused. Julie helped me to understand how I was depleting myself by giving my energy away without being refueled, and opened up new possibilities for keeping myself fueled by money during the creation phase of a new project. In just one call, we dove deep into exploring my beliefs around spirituality, money, and my purpose, Julie shared clarifying messages from her own intuition, and we crafted a quick strategy that I was able to implement immediately to earn money while pursuing what’s fun and purposeful for me.

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