I had a chat with Money this morning.

I explained my desires.

Money shimmered.

And then I asked, “What do I need to give up in order to have this, Money?”

“You have to give up the belief that you are not capable,” said Money. “You deliver transformation on several levels. It’s deep and it’s powerful. It is only your own fear that stops you.”

Well, that is a heck of a truth bomb.

I look first at the voice that says “You are not capable.” This part of me that I developed as a child, that kept me in line with the family code:  girls are to be raised to be good partners, good wives.

This voice is echoed by past lives where I was beaten, ostracized, killed for expressing my wisdom and magic.

Remaining incapable allowed me to stay small, hidden, safe in many past lives.

And yet, in this life, that is not true. I’ve trained my whole life in the study of being talented, skilled and adept. I’ve disproved, over and over, the belief that I’m not capable.

I feel the truth that I’m pretty bad ass resonate through my body. I know that the Feminine, in her Divine Power flows through me, igniting my soul, giving strength to my words, making me a channel for her healing to enter the world.

As I lay down the old belief in favor of my soul’s truth, fear wells up.

What if I’m thought of as stuck up? Too much? Unbelievable? Full of myself?

What if I can’t handle being fully charged? In my full power?

What if….

Even as I write, I feel the fear fade away. Shining light into the darkness has made fear loose its power.

I know that to shift the world, to save the planet, to fully serve in the way I’m meant to serve, I must allow.

I give myself fully to Source, falling gently into the arms of the Divine Feminine . I deepen my connection, thus widening my ability to receive.

Money, my friend, my partner, delights in this. Money’s light shimmers more brightly.

“Yes,” Money sighs. “This is good.”

And then Money outlines a plan for more of it to join me. It is easy, fun and completely aligned.

This is how it is to be in partnership with Money.

Money becomes, not a thing of struggle, but a trusted and resourceful ally. A source of wisdom, a friend, and valuable advisor.

This is the journey I will guide you on in the Art of Feminine Money Partnership.

A 90-day small-group intensive to connect with the energy of Money. To create your own alliance so you can lay down your old beliefs and welcome more money, love and peace.

Learn more here

With all my heart,

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