Want to partner with Money???

On Friday I sent you a note about a conversation I had with Money.

In it, I talked about what I desired and how Money helped me come up with a plan.

I also modeled an aspect of manifestation that no one talks much about. That is, in order to have what you want, you must willingly let go of what is currently holding that space.

For example, in order to manifest my new home (which I LOVE!!!) I had to let go of the old home. There were no guarantees that the new one would come through. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t seen it yet when I committed to letting the old one go. I didn’t think it was possible, yet, to have this house. I was looking for interim housing when I found it!

I didn’t have the money, hadn’t paid attention to credit scores, hadn’t implemented my whole plan… and still, here it was. Exactly where I wanted to live.

So, the commitment to let go of the old house enabled a commitment to a new one. And a year later, here I am, happily typing away in my new purple office!

Which brings me back to last week.

I told Money my desires. And I put a pretty substantial dollar amount on my desires.

Money agreed that it was a great amount and came up with a plan.

Money had me look at my offerings and reach out to my peeps.

I set up some calls to chat with some of them.

AND… easily, joyfully, playfully, I connected. (Money came along too.)

So far, in two days, here are the results:

One client committed to a high-end Cabo retreat experience this summer. Woohoo. I’m so excited!!! It’s going to be so delish! (I have appointments set up next week to discover the women who are going to join her.)

Two woman became new private one-on-one clients. I’m thrilled with what we are going to create together. It’s the whole package and super juicy.

One woman joined the Art of Feminine Money Partnership program. Money and I are literally dancing in the aisle for her and how this is going to allow her to open and receive MORE! Whoop!!

I received unexpected money from an old invoice.

I received money that had been “lost” in the system for a while.

Three women are in their process of deciding where they belong. (For those of you who understand Human Design, these three have “emotional authority”, which means they need more space to decide.)

I’m close to what I asked Money for, and we still have three weeks in the month.

I wonder how much more I can receive??? Hmmmmmmm……

I invite you to consider how much you can receive? How much money? How much love?

What if you could have a conversation with Money, get Money’s buy in, and then Manifest what you want in just a couple of days?

What would change for you?


I invite you to consider joining us for the Art of Feminine Money Partnership. Schedule a time with me this week to explore the possibilities.

With all my heart,

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