I’m having the hardest time writing this email to you.

I’ve been putting it off. Waiting for inspiration.

I’ve started three times, and I hate what I’ve written in each.

  • The first lost steam, had no point.
  • The second wandered into the space and I couldn’t get it back.
  • The third was salesy, icky, slimy.

I realize I’ve been writing from an external calendar that says I must send something this week!

So, I stop. I turn inward. I search, and I listen.

I sense a longing.  Appearing like a distant star in a darkened sky. I close my eyes, following its lead.

I find myself pulled out of my body into space, looking back at a world in pain.

My heart aches with it.

Then, I hear that it doesn’t have to be this way. We can make things different.

I’m carried back into my blessed life. Not perfect. Not tidy. But messy, blessed, loved life.

I am reminded that I created this life. I created the possibilities. I created the house and the trips and the business that fills me with joy.

I created a relationship with Money that sustains me abundantly, funds my dreams, and makes it all possible.

I want you to experience this for yourself.

I want you to be part of the Art of Feminine Money Partnership 90-day Intensive.

I believe that when women partner with money amazing things happen. For themselves, for their families, for the world.

I believe that women with money can make things better, make better decisions, create more love on the planet.

So, I invite you to examine your relationship with Money.

Do you have long, interesting conversations that guide you toward more expansion? Does Money show up with ease when you need it?? Do you feel supported, loved, wanted by Money?

If not, may I suggest that it’s time to change things?

Let’s talk about creating a new relationship with Money for you.

Let’s talk about the Art of Feminine Money Partnership 90-day Intensive to see if it’s the right program for you to create this immense, rewarding relationship.

Sarah Andrews recently said yes to my invitation to talk. This is what she wrote after:

“Despite all of the inner work I’d done around self-worth and money, I found myself repeatedly starting a new venture, giving it my all, and ending up down to my last $2, angry and confused. Julie helped me to understand how I was depleting myself by giving my energy away without being refueled, and opened up new possibilities for keeping myself fueled by money during the creation phase of a new project. In just one call, we dove deep into exploring my beliefs around spirituality, money, and my purpose, Julie shared clarifying messages from her own intuition, and we crafted a quick strategy that I was able to implement immediately to earn money while pursuing what’s fun and purposeful for me.”

I invite you to say yes and schedule your free business and money evaluation call with me now.  

With all my heart

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