It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

My birthday was earlier this month, and I’ve been super sensitive since then.

My brilliant clients who understand astrology and moon phases tell me that some of this results from phases of the planets. It’s a sensitive time for all of us.

But it’s more.

Turning a year older has affected me in ways that I didn’t expect.

I’m feeling a longing for my childhood. For long sunny days reading in the shade of our maple tree, the leaves leaving dappled patterns of light and shadow on my pages.

Of visits to Disneyland with my amazing, funny, rule breaking grandpop.

Of buckets of chicken served at my Grammy’s table, and feeling so, so loved.

A longing for the time when my whole life stretched before me.

And then I realize, I’m not done yet.

I open my senses to what is happening around me.

And I feel such a longing from my people. From you.

I feel your knowing that you are meant for important work. To be loved and respected and paid abundantly for your gifts, your wisdom.

I feel your small, powerless inner girl, who has followed the gurus’ formulas with limited success and WANTS MORE!

I wake knowing that time is getting shorter for me.. I feel the need to do the work of the Feminine more intently, so that you can share your work. I feel the need to open the flow of resources through me, of ideas, of Source’s healing power.

I want you to be doing your work, rather than  the little bits on the side … not the “someday I can.”

I feel Mama Earth longing for YOU!!

For your MAGIC, for your HEALING, for your MAGNIFICENCE.

Dear Sister, enough is enough.

Let’s stop pretending that you are not enough! Because that is an old story. That is outdated history. That is not a valid belief.

My longing, your longing, the planet’s longing has me all on fire  today.

I invite you to consider… if you knew that you could not fail, what would you do today? What would your life look like? What would you create?

Then, take one step. Just one.

Then, take the next one.

With all my heart,

PS. I still have room for one more woman in The Art of Money Partnership. If you’ve been thinking about it, let’s talk.

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