So, I’ve been thinking lately about what makes me successful.

Money in the bank is a certainly a measure of success. Yet, for me, real success is feeling happy and excited with what I’m doing, expressing my purpose, creating waves of possibility to shift reality on the planet.

It’s not because I’m extraordinary (although I am) because I meet women who are just as talented, wise, and magical who aren’t successful.

The truth is, I do the work.

I get up each morning and recommit.

I connect with Source. I follow the direction of my Divine Feminine.

When I need money, I have a conversation with the energy of Money. I explain my needs and desires. We chat. We come up with a plan.

I ask the energy of my Business to join us. To share what next needs to be birthed into the world. To ask what will further our mission of empowering women to be all of who they are.

And my Business reveals a new program, or a retreat, or a free experience to share.

I invite my Divine Masculine to join us. And he is eager. He has felt the energy building from these conversations. He is ready to take the new idea into the world. He is ready to MARKET like a MASTER.

His eagerness adds heat, passion, excitement.

In the spirit realm I send an invitation, heart to heart, to the unseen women who are waiting for this program, for whom it is being born.

Then I let my Masculine loose.

I take action in the physical realm.

I send invitation via email and social media to join me.

I make phone calls to those who have expressed interest in the past and offer a clarity call.

I put my makeup on and turn on the big lights so I can Facebook live.

I attend events, where my perfect clients hang out, and I invite them into conversations. Iseek speaking engagements so I can share with groups of people…

I don’t wait. This is the moment to act.

There is a time to be in dream space. And there is a time to be in action.

There is a time to dance in your feminine and a time to boldly march forward in your masculine.

So many women are either stuck in the do-do-do of the masculine… or languish in just BEing in their feminine.

You MUST have both for true success.

I’m not willing to live in Status Quo anymore. I want a juicy, adventurous, fun life. I want to do work that is meaningful, important and respected. I want to shift the reality of the planet.


I realize that some of these actions might be unfamiliar or uncomfortable for you.

I invite you to consider having a conversation with me about where you are stuck and how to get unstuck.

What do you want to manifest in the next 90 days?

A new house?

New clients?

The money for a vacation?

Let’s explore together.

Schedule time here

With all my heart,

PS. I still have room for one more woman in The Art of Money Partnership. If you’ve been thinking about it, let’s talk.

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