Holy Cow!

July is busy.

Between the Fourth of July, my family reunion, and Grammy Camp there is not much wiggle room.

Plus, we just started the 90-day Art of Feminine Money Intensive (it’s soooo good) and my Art of Feminine Marketing clients are rocking it.

I’m aware that this is my normal summer. And I need to be more conscious of this during my planning for 2020.

Yep, I’m already thinking about next year.

And I’m using data from my life this year to do so.

My Divine Masculine delights in this. He feels useful and grounded in doing the work he is designed to do.

He is holding a container that allows my Divine Feminine to create!

When my Divine Feminine feels fully supported, new ideas, new programs, new partnerships are born.

This is the dance of true success.

I didn’t know this when I started my business. I really thought it was all about hard and fast rules. I had to start work by 8:30, couldn’t quit before 5 … although it was often closer to 6 or 7 pm.

I thought I had to have rigid plans and follow the formulas exactly. It was exhausting.

I felt like a failure when I couldn’t keep up.

Then, the Art of Feminine Marketing called to me. She asked me to birth her into the world. We began to have conversations, and she taught me a different way.

She taught me to have spaciousness in my planning. To use formulas in ways that support me and to change what didn’t. She encouraged me to dream the possibilities, allow energy to build from within, and then express that energy through the actions of my Divine Masculine.

She taught me that the masculine is created to serve the feminine. That without the masculine, creative solutions never make it to the world. They stay stuck in the dream realm of possibilities.

And she taught me that without the feminine, action is a hamster wheel of unfulfilled exhaustion.

Success is learning to dance between the two. Allowing your Divine Feminine space and time to create, to dream, to touch Mama Earth, to connect with Source.  Allowing your Divine Masculine to gather data, create containers and express energy as action toward your goals.

So, I’m taking time in July for this dance and tracking that, next July, I want even more space.

I invite you to consider what you are tracking this summer.

What ways can your Divine Masculine support your Feminine? Do you need stronger containers? More action in the world?

Or do you need more spaciousness? More dreaming time?

With all my heart,

PS. I’m heading to Cabo for a few days in August and have a couple of free days. Who wants to join me for a private, luxury, VIP day?

Together we will transform blocks to success, dance with your Feminine Creative, fire up your relationship with Money, birth plans to up-level your business and build the energy for your Divine Masculine to manifest your desires in the world when you return.

Who is feeling the pull to join me? Send me a message.

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