Grammy camp was a blast.

For those that might not know, Grammy camp is the official week of the summer where I take the grandkids while the parent’s vacation. (More pics below!)

This year I had four littles for six days!!!

Between feeding, bathing, and warning them not to be mean to each other we had lots of fun excursions and even a little down time for them to make up their own games.

One morning, while they were cleaning things up in return for a promised reward of quarters, I heard Maddie say to the group, “If we work a little, we will be millionaires.”

“Ha!” I thought, “If only it worked that way.”

Then I caught the beliefs behind the thought. “It takes a LOT of work … I don’t have the skills, training, talent… I’m in the wrong field… Money doesn’t come that easily.”

Wow. I’ve done a lot of work with money, and still I have these disempowering money beliefs.

The difference?

I catch them now.

I examine them.

I send them off to be transformed by Source.

I ask, “What if the opposite is true?”

In this case, “What if it does work that way? What if I can work a little and become a millionaire? What if Money comes easily?”

And then I can laugh.

Because I know that Money can come easily. It always comes through for me when I allow it. When I open to more. When I expand my ability to receive easily.

This, my friend, is the work… not my skills, training, talent. The work of expanding my ability to receive.

So today I will dance, so I can receive energy from the Universe.

I will put my feet on Mama Earth and receive her grounding.

I will review my money numbers and consciously expand my willingness to receive.

I will mastermind with my soul-sisters and receive their wisdom.

I will have a conversation with the energy of my business and receive her input.

I will receive any compliments gratefully.

I will receive love.

The biggest indicator of how much you will earn in your lifetime is how willing you are to receive.

I invite you to join our Facebook community and share how you are opening to receive more of what you want!

With all my heart,

Grammy Camp 2019

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