“We are waking up, and with our eyes to the moon we recall the eternal truth.

You are a witch.

You are made of magick.

It’s time to remember…” Gabriela Herstik

Recently, a team member asked me to talk more about magick.  I use the word, but she wanted to know more about what I meant. So here goes:

When I was seven we lived in a haunted house. The ghosts in my room were scary, threatening. I didn’t like them, didn’t understand them.

I decided, at seven, to shut down my vision, close the door to my magick.

Years later, in the despair of deciding to leave my first marriage, I opened the door again. Just a crack.

I started to read Tarot, I visited an astrologer, I studied under a shaman woman.

I begin to see the unseen, to hear again the unspoken.

I discovered that I have Magick in me… I remembered.

In past life regressions, breath-work sessions, and guided meditation I’ve discovered the lives I lived as witch, who passed their magick on to me. I’ve discovered the part of me born to make magic. Born to walk the spirit world and the physical world, showing others the way.

I love the practices and rituals I’ve created as I’ve gotten to know these parts of myself. I love the magick that mentors have taught me.

I love walking on Mama Earth, feeling the energy of life around me, calling the wild creatures to me.

I love the connecting with my right tribe on the spirit plane, leaving them an energetic trail so they can find me, I can serve them.

I love clearing the energy of my space with wild sage and prayers.

I love entering the dream space, creating a wildly vibrant image of what I desire, then having it show up in the physical world… like magick!

The more I learn, the more I discover that magick is not a thing outside of us. It’s not a slight of hand trick done with smoke and mirrors. Nor is it a secret society of people born with special abilities.

There is a seed of magick in each of us that when watered and tended grows to a mighty power.

It starts with taking regular time to connect with Source, to tend to our own inner needs. Then tending to our body, the vessel that carries us through life.

Tending to the marriage of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, that it all be in balance.

Then allowing the magick to tumble forth with actions and words. Creating the results we desire.

You, my friend, have magick in you too.

You have the ability to create the life you are longing for. To create a business that brings you acknowledgment, connection, success and financial freedom.

I have had the honor of standing on the shoulders of amazing women who cracked me open so my magick could spill out. Who taught me how to use my magick for the highest good and who helped me find my path.

Because we are magick… together.

My soul is calling me to offer 4 women the invitation to open the door to their magick with an Art of Feminine Marketing VIP experience.

These are private 1-on-1 live experiences with me designed to open your ability to receive more money, more love, more time. We will also expand your relationship with the energy of money. And connect more deeply with the energy of your business so that you have direct, correct information on next steps to achieve your goals.

And we’ll do some old fashioned planning around your business and your marketing. So the dream has a path to become real.

I’m currently interviewing women to see if this is the right thing for them.

I invite you to consider what is possible for you if you release the limits you’ve set on your magick. Then schedule a time with me to talk.

With all my heart,

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