Today on my weekly team call, a little flock of birds landed in the tree outside my window.

They caught my attention with their flutter, but I turned back to what I was saying to my team.

“This is a time of floating on calm rivers. A time to check our foundations and our vision. The rapids are coming.”

They laughed. But it’s true.

For me, summer is family time, grandchildren time. It’s a more leisurely pace. I’m serving my clients in my year long program. Serving my clients in my Money love program. I have room for only a few more one-on-one VIP clients in my schedule. I’m sailing on the joy of being in service.

I’m in the dream time of what else my soul wants to birth. Allowing my Divine Feminine space to be, to vision, to connect with Mama Earth.

The big work of my marking begins in the Fall and extends through the Holidays and into the New Year.  During the Fall, we begin planning our live Art of Feminine Marketing Community Gathering, where new friends and old come together to learn, transform, and be part of the new paradigm of business. Our gathering happens every February.

I love the rhythm involved in planning something for the first part of the year.

The energy of crocus inspires me, peaking its head through the snow.

The energy of the holidays fills me. I’m able to do so much.

We get to celebrate a new start… it takes a lot of action and my Divine Masculine geeks out on what he gets to do.

The birds distract me again.

This time I look more carefully.

They are woodpeckers… right outside the window!

I’ve seen the woodpecker here before, but in this distance.

He turns, making sure I’ve seen the red spot on his head so I can identify him.

I feel a flutter of excitement.

A messenger has come.

So, when the call ends, I look up woodpecker to learn that he is all about rhythm. He asks us to look at the rhythm of our life, daily, monthly, yearly.

“When the woodpecker comes into your life, it indicates that the foundation is there. It is now safe to follow your own rhthyms.”

Love, as women, we run on rhythm. The rhythm of our bodies pulse through our cycle and into the next phase. The rhythm of the moon raises our energy, then invites us to look inward. Our children are a pageant of change played out right before our eyes, through the rhythm of motherhood.

Life is not a straight line, from here to there.

It has pulses and lulls. Clear, still water and exhilarating rapids. Times of great energy and times where rest is most needed.

Why then do we believe that we must be “on” all the time?? We must work the same number of hours each day, each week, at a particular energy level. We must produce more than is reasonable, or we beat ourselves up.

This is what needs to change.

This is the magick that woodpecker points to.

Women work in rhythm.

Find your own rhythm, your own pace. Honor the guidance of your body . Allow your divine feminine time to dream, building up the energy so that when it is time for action, your divine masculine has the energy he needs to make your dreams real.

This is the real work.

This is the new paradigm of business.

With all my heart,

PS. Want to explore how this new paradigm fits with your dreams and goals? I invite you to have a conversation with me. Schedule here

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