I’m heading to Cabo San Lucas next week to lead a retreat in partnership with Lindsay A. Miller. Mexico is one of my happy places. The sun, the ocean, the guacamole…

I’m super excited. I’ve been bringing Lindsay into my program for a couple of years,lending her healing through the lens of her camera for my clients in my year long program.

Yet, this is our first stand – alone retreat as full partners.

We are going to dig deeply into the connection between Sex and Money.

It feels very edgy.

As we were thinking about it, we realized that sex and money are two of the ways that women have been controlled and “kept in their place” throughout history.

Planned Parenthood was opposed when it started, not because of abortion, but because women with access would have sexual freedom. They would no longer worry about unwanted pregnancies and might leave their marriages.

And money! I recently read an Oprah interview where she talked about one of her first jobs. When she complained that her co-anchor made more money than she did, she was told it was because he had to support a family. It had nothing to do with the job. It was simply that men needed more money, and that women should focus on their families. (um, as if focusing on family reduces concern about money!) In other words, if she just got married, she wouldn’t need to worry about the money.

Talk about a deep and problematic societal belief.

And even though things have changed/ are changing, the generational wounds continue. So, naturally some questions come to mind:

How do we break the old ancestral bounds in ways that are healthy, sustainable and unifying?

How do we find a way forward over these boundaries to explore our own relationship with money in ways that feel wholly good to us?

How do we avoid becoming entrapped and limited by traditions that don’t seem to work for us and choose, or create, those that are useful and desirable?

How do we free ourselves to live our purpose, joyfully and abundantly?

How do we open to receive more money, more love, more pleasure?

How do we loosen our artificial bounds and enable our natural magic to flow and create?

These are the questions we will be exploring in our retreat. We will guide each woman in designing an experience that is perfect for her.

I invite you to join us in spirit. What is your experience of money and sex? Where have you been held back? By others, by society, by yourself? How do you break free and live the life you desire?

I’ll be back in a week; so, if you want to chat me with me about this and how it relates to your business, just let me know.

With all my heart,

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