I came home from my first ever Sex and Money retreat feeling elated. The work was amazing and the breakthroughs were phenomenal.

The day after the event, Lindsay and I spent an extra day in Cabo. As we laid by the pool taking notes for next time, we talked the name that we had slapped casually on this event, “ Sex And Money”.

There are that pop up for people when you use the word Sex. For marketing to work we need to be very clear about what we’re offering, and what we are NOT. First this was not about sexual intercourse in any way. I will leave that work to the experts.

Nor was it about trading sex for money. That’s just super icky.

It was about how we tap down our feminine energy to achieve approval from a patriarchal system designed to favor men.

You see, our feminine creative energy comes from our second chakra, where our womb, ovaries, genitals  and our sexual desire live. While sexual desire is a strong impulse, there is more available in our second chakra than just physical pleasure. It is also the place where desire for more, for growth, for love, for expansion begin. It is the energy channel of creativity, innovation, new ideas. It is where we birth our babies, our business, our mission from.

While I’ve been exploring this, I wasn’t sure how to talk about it.

It’s edgy, and  I’m a little bit of a prude, especially compared to some of my friends

How can I talk about sexual energy and money?

Even though it is one of the principles that Napoleon Hill talks about in Think and Grow Rich, I’ve held back.

Then I came home to a message from a woman who said she couldn’t work with me because this retreat was overly sexualized and that I  encouraged women to be something they weren’t. And I got pissed.

This slut shaming is how our power has been tapped down by society for generations.

Women are not allowed to look sexy and still be powerful. Women are not allowed to turn on the Full power of All of who they are, and be respected.

While most men understand the influence of male sexual energy our society simply doesn’t have the cultural knowledge and experience to understand the feminine. 

When I am fully turned on about my business, about my mission, about my life, I feel sexy, I feel unstoppable, I tingle all over AND I attract the right people with my energy.

If that bothers you too bad.

I’m done with hiding. Done with not showing up.

I’m declaring it now. I am sexy, powerful, unstoppable, 57-year-old, 30 pounds overweight, grandma/Goddess.

What do you to declare???

With all my heart,

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