It’s back!!

Last year several women in our tribe took the plunge and joined the Dare to be Visible Challenge.

They had fun, won prizes and, most important, transformed their fears of being visible.

Visibility is such a tough thing for many women. We’ve been conditioned by society to NOT draw attention to ourselves.

You know, don’t dress in a way that will draw men’s attention or you are “asking for it”. Don’t create a scene in public or you will be known as a shrill. And lately, just for speaking out gets women as  “nasty”.

It goes deeper than that. For generations, a woman’s value was measured on her marriageability. In other words, a woman was taught to be nice and compliant so she could attract a husband to take care of her. The alternative, to be an unloved spinster for life. Ick, such a false choice.

So, when we jump into entrepreneurship and suddenly have to market our abilities and show ourselves to be as capable as we are, many women get stuck.

That’s where having a community of women who have your back is essential.

The Art of Feminine Marketing Tribe honors and supports each woman, in struggle and in success. Her growth and development is also ours, and ours hers. My soul longs for each and every one to have the success and the money that is their birthright.

Yes, we are MEANT to be abundant, wealthy, operating in harmony with source.

To do that, we need to let the world know who we are. We have to show ourselves so that our clients will find us. We must show up to make the difference our hearts are craving. 

So, let’s get visible! I invite you to join our amazing community for a Visibility Challenge during the third week of September.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Opt in so you’ll get the daily lesson in your email inbox.
  2. Join the Facebook group, so you can qualify for prizes. (I love prizes, don’t you?)
  3. Invite friends to join the challenge so they can win prizes and up their visibility. 
  4. Check the your email daily during the week for instructions on that day’s visibility challenge.
  5. Create a Facebook Live video based on that day’s challenge. It can be as short as 2-3 minutes.
  6. Post a link to your Facebook Live in that day’s post.
  7. Extra Karma points for checking back and watching/commenting on each other’s videos. Support your sisters!!
  8. You get one prize entry for each video you link… so a total of 5 possible entries.
  9. At the end of the week, I’ll do a drawing for prizes!!

Top prize is a 60 minute business coaching session with me. Other prizes include Amazon gift cards, business building tools and more!  Let’s do this!

With all my heart,

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