Just a quick note to see if you’ve joined the free challenge yet.

And if you haven’t, I invite you to consider what might be holding you back.

I know all the excuses. I’ve used most of them:

  1. It’s a pain to put on my makeup, set up the lights and come up with something to say;
  2. Who would want to listen to me anyway, others can say it so much better than I can;
  3. My family really doesn’t know what I do, and I’m just not ready to share with them;
  4. I hate marketing. Why can’t clients just show up without me having to it?

Here is the truth. All of those excuses might be valid. They all likely hold a grain of truth.

Yet, there are people out there waiting for you, crying for you. You were born to solve a pain for them, but they can’t find you… because you are hidden.

They feel hopeless and all alone, because they’ve yet to see you.

And when you give in to any of your excuses, they suffer. Because you are not there to help them.

YOU HAVE TO LAY A TRAIL (bread crumbs are so hard to see!) so that your perfect clients, the ones you are born to serve, can find you.

You have to become visible so they can see you.

Yet, you don’t have to do it alone.

Join the challenge.

I’ll give you tips on what to say, how to embody your feminine power as you say it, some inside – out strategy, and a couple of ideas to make your videos pretty, AND I’ll support you in stepping into your visibility with regular Facebook check-ins and celebrations.

Don’t wait, join us now.

With all my heart,

P.S. I recently made an appearance on the Phoenix Business Radio with Karen Nowicki (host and Studio Partner) and my good friend Therese Skelly, where we talked about how we use a waaaay different approach to building our business.

Join in as we share how we shifted from “hustle and burn out” to working more in the feminine energy. 

Listen to the podcast here.

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