I’ve done a lot of daring things in my life.

I ran (and won) political campaigns.

I walked away from my first marriage with nothing.

I challenged myself to climb a 60-foot pole and jump toward a trapeze bar before falling to the ground (I was harnessed).

I zip-lined through the jungle of Mexico.

I paraglided.

I started a business.

I dated at 40 (now that’s daring).

I started a podcast at a time when less than 17% of podcasters were women.

I regularly take my clients on retreat to places I’ve never been before.

I produce and facilitate a transformational live event every year to introduce women to The Art of Feminine Marketing.

And of all of it, making video, doing Facebook live broadcasts, being SEEN can cause me the most dread.

I mean,it would be great if I could show up the picture of perfection. . Perfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect words, perfect lighting.

(I still say um way too much!)

Yet, if I waited for perfection, I would never get anything done. Because I’ll never be perfect. Life will never be perfect. The timing will never be exactly perfect.

And if I was, you would probably avoid me. Because you could smell the fakeness in the mask of perfection.

The quest for perfection leaves us feeling small, powerless and all alone.

So, I have to get over myself. I have to move past my own judgement. Because if I don’t, my mission stays hidden, the work I’m here on earth to do never gets done. And the people who I’m meant to serve never have the chance to heal.

The same is true for you.

I know you deeply feel the importance of your work. When you close your eyes you dream of success, connection, respect.

You know that there are people out there waiting for you, and you sometimes get angry that they just don’t show up knocking on your door.

Yet, they are not mind readers!!!

You have to do your part.

You have to show up, take off your mask and BE VISIBLE so that they can find you.

This is  sometimes so hard to do, so  let’s do it together.

Join us for the Dare to Be Visible Challenge

This is not your normal challenge.  We do things differently in The Feminine Marketing tribe.

You’ll jump into the daily challenge action (employing your Divine Masculine), and before that, you’ll prepare by connecting with your Divine Feminine to inspire, empower and activate your magic. Your videos will then be filled with the spirit of Source.

And I’ll give some tips to make you look better – lights, positioning, backgrounds, etc.

So, join us now.

It starts Monday.

Oh, yeah, there will be prizes!! (l love prizes)

With all my heart,

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