We are definitely feeling a shift in seasons. My daughter, in overcast Washington state, says I can’t say the word Fall yet.

Because here on the Central Coast, Fall means crisp mornings, chilly evenings and Indian summer days.

Hot, dry pool weather from 10 am until dusk.

I’ve been wedding dress shopping with my step-daughter, who is getting married next fall… another passage.

And my little Madison is in second grade!!! Gone are the long grammy days when we craft and bake and go to the park. (I guess I’ll have cultivate some little boy chefs! Kiki has no interest. Elliot just wants to play cars.)

Now when I pick her up it’s homework, a quick snack and then off to ballet.

Seasons pass..

While August is a time for me to be in dreaming, September is about using the energy created in the spirit plane to put some plans into action.

Whew! Feels so exciting.

First on my agenda is putting the finishing touches on the Dare to be Visible Challenge.

My goal is to give you some valuable tips, empower your connection to Source, and help you gain visibility, which leads to new clients.

I’m super happy with what we are creating, and hope that you will find value in it.

(If you haven’t signed up yet, I invite you to consider doing it now; join here).

And then… getting ready for a big announcement in a couple of weeks. Before I share, my team and I are making sure we have all the i-s dotted and the t-s crossed.

I’d love to hear how you are using the swirling winds and cooler temperatures that come this time of year. Drop into our Community Facebook group and share what’s up!

With all my heart,

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