Welcome to Day Four!!

Such amazing videos in the Facebook group. I’m so in awe of you for taking on this challenge and DOING IT!

Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

Cue the sounds of crowds cheering. These are your peeps who have been looking for you. Who are so happy you are choosing to be visible so they can find you and hire you!

You can find your day for video instructions here.


  • No trees growing out of your head.
  • Connect with your business and have a conversation about your programs, products and services.
  • Share the most important things for people to know about your program on your Facebook live.
  • Post a link on today’s thread in our Facebook group to be entered into the drawing for prizes.
  • Come back and show love to your sisters by commenting on their lives.

I will be watching and commenting throughout the day!

Tomorrow I’ll be in the group to announce the winner of the grand prize… and share a special invitation to join us for more fun.

Reach out to me if you have questions, need clarification, or want additional support. I’m here for you.

With all my heart,

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