Last week I sent a little email about an event I’m a part of.

Really cool event. But I had a spelling error!

And so far, four people have contacted me to let me know.

Including my husband, who does my editing for me. And was not included in the loop for that email.


I felt embarrassed, stupid and spent some time scolding myself before I could let it go.

BTW – The event is Women Gone Rogue (not rouge). You can check it out Here: Women Gone Rogue, Real Talk Salon For Trailblazing Entrepreneurs.

And here is the complete schedule so you can choose which topics will best serve you:

This happened as I was running the Dare to be Visible challenge in my community group.

Five days of tips, meditation and amazing videos/ Facebook lives from some pretty awesome women sharing their businesses. They rocked it!

So, while I wanted nothing more than to put on a disguise and run away to a distant island to hide, I was encouraging others to get more visible. To share their purpose and mission with the online world.

To be brave.

Here is the truth: sometimes visibility reveals your weaknesses. (Clearly spelling is one of mine!).

We are taught from an early age that anything less than perfection is bad. Miss a word on a spelling test? You get graded down. Not understand your math homework? The teacher makes you stay in from recess. Admit a flaw measured against any ideal, and suddenly, you can feel as though your credibility is slipping away.

We are wired early on to strive for perfection and avoid mistakes at all costs.

But mistakes are the place where growth happens. If you aren’t making some mistakes, you are not trying new stuff. You aren’t innovating. You aren’t pushing the edges of your comfort zone.

The only real failure is to allow mistakes to take you out of the game. When you give in to the impulse to hide and disappear. When you give up on your vision and on the people, who are waiting for you to show up so they can hire you.

A mentor once said to me, “Passion over Perfection.” YES!

Show up with the passion of your deep purpose, acknowledge your mistakes, make corrections or amends, and move on.

The most successful people are those that pick themselves up after falling down and keep going.

So, if you were part of the challenge, woo hoo! Keep making those videos, and keep making mistakes. Keep moving forward.

If you weren’t, then challenge yourself. Start today. How can you be visible? Spread your message? Find your people?

And how can I support you?

With all my heart,

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