I’ve shared in other posts that I’ll often download audio programs to listen to throughout my day to pick up great tips from other women on the same path.  And I am so fortunate over the last 15 years of building my coaching practice to have met a lot of these amazing women.

Women with big missions, huge hearts and very busy lives.

One of these women is Jody Maley.

I met Jody many years ago when we were both in the same coaching program.

Jody is a super-involved mom of 6 kids, has a wonderful marriage, and is the sweetest person ever.

Sometimes you get invited to participate in an event, and you have to research – is this really a fit for me, does this person reflect my values? With Jody, I knew right away – she is the founder of the company, TheHeartPreneur Business, and the event is “TheHeartpreneur Summit Show: How to learn your authentic sales style and bring customers knocking down your door!”

Get access here.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this series:

  • How to be authentic in your branding and drawing in your ideal customer, client and team members
  • Avoiding spammy language that Guru’s tell us is how to do in our modern day business, AKA the ‘pitch’
  • As Heart-Centered women leaders, to be true first to ourselves, so that we can have the time, energy, creativity to be there for our families, kids, spouses while finding balance for our ‘Inner Goddesses’
  • Automation techniques that can guide us to use our time with more value
  • Some great Social Media Experts (Pinterest, Book-keeping and Email marketing..oh my!) who have been there, done that, and want to share with us!
  • True struggles each and every expert has overcome to get where they are today, AND HOW YOU can take these tips and ideas and put them to immediate use!

And, of course, I’m sharing a lot more about The Art of Feminine Marketing.

Let me know what nuggets you gained from this summit.​​​​​​

With all my heart,

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