Byron Katie taught us that pain comes from wanting people to be different than who they are.

I was reminded of that lesson last week when someone close to me said something shocking, and I immediately realized they had taken advantage of me. I had thought that they had my back; when the reality is, they have been thinking only of themselves. It is going to cost me time and money to straighten out the situation I’m in now, as a result.

And I value time and money greatly.

After crying about it to my husband, and listening to his well-meaning,  masculine energy derived solutions, for a couple of minutes, I realized that I was upset about more than just this one incident. I was upset because I wanted this person to treat me differently.

And wounds from my childhood were triggered.

(** Note: this is a picture from a wounds photoshoot earlier in the year with Lindsay A. Miller. We were attempting to capture how my inner little girl feels when she is not cared for. It just fits how I felt last week.)

My heart softened toward the little girl inside of me who was so hurt. I reassured her that she had done nothing wrong, and that the situation was unfair, and then I assured her that the adult me knew how to take care of it.

My body relaxed, and I took a few deep belly breaths to relax my nervous system.

And I remembered the way this person has always been, and how shocking it always is.

I recognize my part in this. I did not do my due diligence. I didn’t listen when my gut said, “slow down”.  I simply trusted that what was happening would be good for everyone. After all this person was supposed to…

And when I got to the supposed to, I knew I was asking them to be what I wanted them to be.

Dangerous territory!

Could I accept them for who they are? Who they have always been? And in that, can I remember that I am the creator of my life? That whatever ‘problems’ come up I can take as a knife to the back or as an opportunity to grow and expand.

I chose the second.

And on the heals of this decision, I receive this:

“Congrats Julie Foucht!

Evolutionary means Eve of Illumination

You are the October 2019 Women of Enlightenment Award Winner. The Women of Enlightenment Award is a monthly award given to a woman who inspires others from the level of her Soul.

These women have done their own inner work and consider themselves a work in progress.

They are world leaders who share their struggles and wisdom in a most powerful and individual way.

I’m sure you will enjoy the other video interviews on my website, including your own:

Linda Vettrus-Nichols
CEO of Evolutionary Healer, LLC”

Yep! I’m doing the work. Every day. And Source continues to provide me an opportunity to grow, to stretch, to receive more love and abundance, to channel more wisdom from Source.

And while I sometimes wish everything would just be smooth and flawless, I know this is not how this “earth school” works.

The lesson is received, gratefully.

My mood is restored.

I feel my power.

This will be solved by the grown up me.

Life is good.

Sweet sister, I invite you to look at where you are in pain. Let go of expecting anyone to treat you differently than they are. They are telling you who they are, believe them.

Take care of your inner little self. You are more than capable of caring for and loving the little you.

Take note of your part in the situation, thus taking back your power.

Take action to move your life and your business forward in ways that serve your highest good.

And if you need any help with this, reach out to me.

Let’s talk.

With all my heart,

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