So last week I told you the story of a wound… and some of the things I am doing to heal.

And I really want to share more of the story with you… because there is a lot of magic in it.

At first, I did all the triage stuff. You know, took care of my inner child, let go of the shoulds, breathed.

Then I went deeper, closed my eyes, and entered a sacred meditation.

I opened my connection to Source and asked, “How much of this pain is mine?”

I could feel the energy of desperate-want clinging to me. It weighed on my shoulders like heavy chain making me hunch over.

I began to pull it off, dark sticky bits of cobweb material. I pulled it from my head, my shoulders, my back.

It felt old, ancient… NOT MINE!

In my meditation I created a crystal funnel connected to Mama Earth. I placed all the old needy, desperate material into that funnel where Mama Earth worked her magic, pulled out the toxins, ran it all through cleansing stone, earth, and water,and turned it into compost, ready to grow new life.

I took a breath. I felt lighter. I knew that everything was happening for my good, my growth.

I felt my being expand, releasing more old wounds.

This incident stretched me to practice my own healing magic on myself; to be more of who I need to be to grow into my next evolution.

Growth can be so freaking uncomfortable, yet so necessary.

And I knew there was still more.

So, I reached out to my brilliant friend Therese Skelly. (She is so brilliant that I’ve invited her to share her wisdom at our Annual Gathering in Feb. You are so lucky, because you’ll get to experience her magic there!! More on that later.)

Therese is a master at clearing blocks from past lives and ancestral traumas.

“I’ve got more of this clinging to me,” I said. “I can feel it, yet I can’t quite get it all.”

Therese did a quick check. “You cleared about 70% yourself,” she reported. “Let’s clear the rest.”

She led me back in time to my great- great grandmother. I felt her pain, her constriction. I felt her desperate attempts, and her failure, to get attention. I simply wrapped her in love and brought her forward, so she could see the future. She could see how I am charting a different path, how my daughters are both strong and free women, how my granddaughters are growing up powerful.

She was blown away. She didn’t think it was possible for women like us to exist. In that, I felt her melt. She let go of the ancient pain and sighed.

I felt it all leave my body. I no longer carry it. Which means, I won’t be passing this on to my daughters either!!

All this week I’ve felt a new strength. I have made decisions with clarity (including saying no to things that aren’t right for me, despite what others might say) . I’m full of excitement as I implement my end of year plans and dream new ones for 2020.

I can let go, because I’ve  got this.

With my whole heart,

PS…. Early bird tickets are available now for the Art of Feminine Marketing Live Annual Gathering. Join Therese and I there on Feb 21-23, 2020 for more magic.

(Making magic happen. Art of Feminine Marketing Live!)

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