I’ve been dreaming 2020 for a while.

Last week, as I sat in meditation, I asked to speak with the Energy of my Business.

“Did you know,” I asked it, “that it’s almost 2020?”

The energy shimmered.

“What do you need to from me today?” I asked.

“Breathe,” my business said. “Be gentle. Keep expanding yourself. Keep deepening the work.”

I felt a surge of energy bursting through me. It was time to put some of my dreaming on paper.

I printed out a 2020 calendar and penned in all the family birthdays (18 in my immediate family!!). I penciled in community building challenges, retreats, online programs and Grammy Camp.  I opened a spreadsheet and filled in my programs and the investment for each.

I felt ready to start making the potential within that vision real,  when…the earth began to shake, literally.

A 4.8 Earthquake.  Boom!!!

Yes,  2020 is a year for shaking things up! A year to challenge the way things have always been done. A year to shake off what holds us back. A year to deepen our connection to Source, to Mama Earth, to our own inner knowing.

2020 is a year to let go of feeling small, people pleasing and trying to fit ourselves into formulas not built for the Feminine Soul.

2020, the first year of the new decade, will be beyond expectation.

If we say YES.

I invite you to consider joining a community of powerful women stepping into the next evolution of their success at the Art of Feminine Marketing Live Annual Gathering Feb 21-23, 2020 in Monterey, CA. 

You will discover:

  • New tools for releasing stumbling blocks and disempowering beliefs so you can BE the leader of a 6 or 7-figure business.
  • A new way of marketing that feels loving and life-giving, vs. stifling, sleezy and selfish.
  • A new relationship with Money, that supports you in opening to receive more.
  • A new way of selling that is soulful based in service, vs. making your numbers.
  • A new community of women to support, celebrate and acknowledge you in your greatness and in your weakness.

This is a Source guided path to your next evolution.

Your Action Steps:

  1. Start dreaming 2020, 2025, 2030. What do you really want in the next decade of your life?
  2. Have a conversation with the energy of your business. What would make it burst with joy and color in 2020?
  3. Register to attend the Art of Feminine Marketing Live Feb 21-23, 2020 

With all my heart,

PS…. Start your new relationship with Money NOW by registering today and taking advantage of early bird pricing!!  

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