If you are like me you long for more.

More freedom

More connection

More influence

More money.

This is a normal human condition.

We are either growing or dying.

We naturally seek expansion.

Yet, our experience, our wounds, teach us to fear change.

It freaking hurts.

We stay powerless and trapped in the ‘comfort’ zone of wanting more, yet afraid to reach for it.

And our society feeds us a line of bullshit to justify our fear.

“Money makes people do bad things.” “Be grateful for what you have.” “That’s just a first world problem.”

Our minds reinforce the message, “Who do I think I am?” “What do I have to say that anyone wants to hear?” “I don’t know my platform, my right tribe, my message.” “Be safe, stay small.”

Your soul, my dear, knows the truth.

You are born to be a powerful world changer.”

Your mission is planted deep within your inner knowing, waiting for you to uncover it.

Your desires are the most accurate compass along  the path to discover your highest good.

Money is meant to be a powerful ally in the work you do.

Leaders have always challenged society’s norms following the deeper calling of their souls, and  you are a leader.

Your unique ability to aid your right tribe has been sharpened and honed through the wounding experiences of your life. The wound memories contain the keys to attract exactly the people that you are meant to serve.

What would it be like for you to be in communion with women who are no longer willing to accept the old beliefs that we must stay hidden to be safe? Who have let go of the narrative that we must accept what we are given and not strive for more?

Who are doing business differently?

Greater success is guaranteed when we awaken our Feminine genius and allow her to dance.  Our Feminine crafts  strategies to grow our influence and income and then invites our action oriented Masculine energy  takes action to make our dreams a reality.

I invite you to consider joining my tribe of women leaders in Monterey CA, Feb 21 – 23, 2020 for The Art of Feminine Marketing Live.

It is time, my friend.

In this dance, together, we will save the world.

Join me and a tribe of fabulous, committed, talented women on Feb 21 – 23 to experience the freedom and power of The Art of Feminine Marketing Live 2020

This is just some of what I’m planning:

You will:

  • Discover the NUMBER ONE secret to building a business that honors your feminine soul & provides a 6-figure income;
  • Discover & understand your divine right tribe better than they understand themselves;
  • Gain insights into the exact words to use in your marketing to attract the perfect clients & makes sales conversations easy & profitable;
  • Enroll the energy of Money as a collaborator to create the changes you want to make in the world;
  • Uncover the hidden blocks that are keeping you from breaking through your current income ceiling;
  • Receive practical templates & everyday worksheets to track your flow of money, plan your income-generating strategies, & take control of your path to success.
  • And more… With the feminine guiding us, there is always more!

​​​​​​​Join now to take advantage of early, early bird pricing.

With all my heart,

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