Right now, I’m on retreat in Maui with several of my Art of Feminine Marketing clients and our fabulous photographer, Lindsay A. Miller.

One of the best things about my business is that I get to travel with amazing women whom I love and adore.

And I get to work with the very best practitioners, like Lindsay.

Lindsay was telling me recently about an art exhibit that she attending. There was an amazing photo of a wolf, taken at close range.

Another attendee said, “I would have taken that photo if I was there.”

And Lindsay thought, “But you weren’t there.”

Lindsay and I had a long conversation about what it means to “Be There.”

That getting the right shot is not about luck. It’s about doing what you need to in order to “Be There.”

Same with anything.

Traveling with clients to amazing locations (Yosemite, Maui, Salem, Cabo, Joshua Tree, New Orleans, etc.)  and doing transformational work while I’m there doesn’t just happen.

Having Lindsay with me doesn’t just happen.

I’ve put myself into positions, over and over, that allowed me to “Be There” at the right time to take the shot!

It all started years ago, when I sought out my first mentor, created my first vision, took my first coaching class. I built on that by attending events, seeking out new mentors, designing my first retreat hoping that people would come.

And it grew into this amazing life. My version of getting a close up shot of a wild wolf!

I invite you to consider how you are preparing yourself to “Be There”.

And then join us Feb 21-23, 2020 for the Art of Feminine Marketing Live Annual Gathering.

I guarantee one or more “Be There” moments for you!

With all my heart,

PS. Lindsay will be at the Live Gathering, so you will get to experience her magic for yourself!! Woohoo!

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