A couple of weeks ago I suggested that you start dreaming of what is possible for you in the coming year.

Start with what you REALLY want…

More freedom?

More connection?

More influence?

More acknowledgment?

More Success?

Working in the Feminine always begins in the dream space, in that deep, dark void of,  “what do I really want??”   As you fill that void with color and light, adding whatever  delights you and sometimes adding something then deciding it really doesn’t fit, an energy builds.

You begin to feel like you must do something, anything, to move this vision forward.

And a GREAT BIG New Year Resolution can seem like the perfect starting place.


Let me take a great big hammer to that notion and shatter it once and for all!!

New Year Resolutions rarely, if ever, actually work.

Your vision deserves more than a half-hearted commitment to making your dreams come true through a standard “goal” that is forgotten by February. (Seriously, gyms make most of their money by selling memberships in January that most people have forgotten by February!)

The feminine requires spaciousness. She needs time to reveal and open and dwell in the dream space between this year and the next, so that your desires can take root and she can guide you toward them each day without pushing, forcing or striving.

As you dream, a theme begins to emerge. Not a to-do or goal, but  a word or phrase that will guide you in being who you need to be to make the vision reality.

This is what I call the Name Your Year process.

I’d like to offer you a chance to dance with your Divine Feminine to uncover your perfect Name for the coming year.

Naming creates the energy of letting Source know what you want. It becomes your theme and when you name it through conversation with Source, it will naturally guide you through each day of the year.

During this intimate 10-day challenge, you will…

  • Learn how to connect and receive guidance directly from Source to manifest your desires in 2019 with ease.
  • Discover how to release yourself from the burden of another “New Year Resolution” that drains your energy, so that you can focus instead on what brings you joy and success.
  • ​​Craft a powerful anchor that pulls you back into relationship with your desires throughout the year, gifting you with the motivation and perseverance to manifest your dreams into reality.

Click here to join the Name Your Year 10-Day Challenge TODAY!

With all my heart,