I have a great life.

Great husband, great family. A home I love. Multiple vacations a year. Amazing, world changing clients. An income I could only dream of a few years ago.

And in all honesty, it’s not ever going to be perfect; for example, last Thanksgiving we flew to Mexico with my daughter’s family and my sister-in-law’s family. These are all people I adore and I got to spend time with my two little granddaughters and my little niece (who is a little bit of a magic witch herself). 

It was super fun splashing in the ocean, eating macaroons from the beach vendor and hanging by the pool. Then Kiki started throwing up… on me. 7 out of the 9 of us came down with some sort of flu – like illness. Which made the plane ride home my least favorite EVER!

Not pretty!

Yet, overall it was a crazy – fun  time!

Some people would say I’m lucky.

Yet my luck, like all luck, is the product of a few simple, not always easy, practices.

One of the most fun, and most powerful, is my annual Name Your Year practice.

I love sinking in, allowing myself to dream, to imagine what would make me really happy during the next year of this journey.

I love to pull the themes out, untangle them, view them, weave them together to net the perfect word or phrase that will serve my intention for the year.

I love to declare my theme, send  my order out to the universe, post it on my wall… and then, watch the magic happen as all kinds of opportunity, assistance, and unexpected events come in to support my year.

It’s pretty freaking amazing what happens.

I’ve shared this practice with my clients and they, too, have amazing results from their Name Your Year practice.

And now, I’m sharing it with you.

Sign up here to join.

It’s free.

It’s fun.

It’s powerful.

It’s a strong foundation for everything you build in 2020.

I invite you to come play.

Beginning Dec. 2, I’ll guide you through the process with a simple, 15 minute (or less) prompt and by the 10th day you’ll have Named Your Year for 2020.

And we will have fun… did I already say that?? I’m excited.

Click here to join the Name Your Year 10-Day Challenge TODAY!

With all my heart,

P.S. Did I mention that there will be PRIZES for the participants? This challenge will be easy, fun and worth every moment you engage with it — I promise.

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