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Are you tired of going to events and sitting in the audience thinking, “I’ve heard all this. I’ve done all that. When is it my turn?”

The thing about events today is that you have to pick wisely which to attend.

This surely  is a moment of questioning. Questioning what we believe. Questioning what works. Questioning how we define things.

The next wave of leaders will emerge from this period. These emergent leaders won’t do things the way they’ve always been done. They won’t find typical formulas useful; rather they will lead the way in creating new formulas, new pathways.

A new must-have in this emerging environment are events that open space for questioning, collaboration, exploring a new paradigm of business.

I still remember the day, almost 20 years ago, when I chose a new path.

I had joined a network marketing company and risen through the ranks. I had invited a bunch of leaders to my house for a working dinner. As I stood there chopping onions in my custom kitchen, a thought popped through my head: ‘who will I be when they get here?’

I knew that if I was the cowering woman my then-husband expected, that they would lose all respect for me. If I was the powerhouse they knew, I would pay the price later. My husband would explode after they left. Things would be broken. Insults would be hurled. Someone might get hurt.

I could no longer live two lives.

In that moment, I laid out a choice. I had to look at what I believed, what wasn’t working. I had to choose.

I chose to leave. I left the money, the motorhome, his family who were part of every celebration. I knew that I might even lose my children.

I didn’t know what the future held for me. But to stay, to do things the same way I always had, was no longer on the list of options.

I chose a new path.

I was afraid and broken. I cried a lot. Yet, I also went to events. I learned that I could create my own life. I learned that I was strong. I found my power, reclaimed my inner witches, healed my wounded little girl.

I grew. I forgave. I moved on.

Today, I have a life I never could have dreamed.

It’s so, so good.

This new path… that’s what The Art of Feminine Marketing Live is all about.

Taking the first step toward a life you never thought was possible.

Start the journey. Reserve your seat now.


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