I love how the feminine heart opens. I love how Mamas give. How partners adore. How business women serve.

In grace, beauty, joy.

And, it’s time to give some of that open heart to you.

This is the road less traveled.

This is the road that refuels you, so you can continue to give.

I know that right now, you are giving nearly 100% focus on the Holidays. Extra events, coordinating family gatherings and arranging gift exchanges.

You probably aren’t thinking a lot about you.

As women, we’ve inherited this belief that we must take care of everyone, and that its selfish to take care of us.

So we give without hesitation and then drive, drive, drive until we are exhausted, out of inspiration, and maybe even a little resentful.

And as you most certainly should bring extra joy into your life during  this time of year, an important part of this includes your own self-care.

So, one thing to do for you right now? Reserve your seat at The Art of Feminine Marketing Live event.

This is a group of chicks who get things done by following the Pleasure Path to Profits, doing things the Feminine way. And that includes taking time to give to themselves.

(The early early-bird investment closes on Friday… so don’t wait. Do it now.)

A few weeks ago, I led a retreat in Maui.

Here are some of the women enjoying the ocean:

Afterward, Brian joined me and we had a little restorative vacation.

One day, exhausted and tired of planning, I decided we would just drive around the coast of the island. Well…he would drive, I would push the buttons on my phone to get directions.

We drove through dusty little nothing town after town. The ocean was pretty, but a lot like home. We almost turned back.

And then, the road narrowed and we passed into the jungle.

WOW. Through cracks in the gates, we could see that this was an exclusive, high end enclave. We felt like we had arrived at a destination!

That is, until we turned a corner, the road narrowed again and we entered a deeply rutted, overly patched roadway winding through seemingly endless fields of lava, an almost unbelievable landscape of black rock for miles.

My breath caught.

“Do we turn around now?” Brian asked.

“No, no.”

Something magic was happening.

I felt energized. Excited. Profoundly connected to the feminine.

We drove on, past cars coming our way, until the road ended at an amazing black rock cove at sunset.

We stood marveling at what our daring to take this road less traveled had revealed.

It was so good that we came back another day. We hiked the lava, then swam in a protected little cove with a friendly sea turtle.

**Mama Earth Magic**

The Art of Feminine Marketing is a road less traveled, the magic of the exploring the unknown, the unanticipated, and the exhilaration of discovery and fulfillment.

It’s not about following a pre-built formula, but about finding your own path. Making magic discoveries along the way. Creating a business and a life that fills you with wonder. Making money through your Divine Feminine.

Join us live Feb 21-23 in Monterey, CA for the road less traveled.


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