The start of a new year is filled with possibilities.

It’s also the start of a new decade.

I’m aware of how many years I’ve walked on this earth, of how many I might have left.

I feel the call to deepen my connection to Mama Earth. To heal her, be healed by her.

I hear the whispers of Source more clearly now than ever, guiding me to a richer state of being.

I’ve been preparing my body, my mind, my state for the next level of leadership.

I look forward into what may be, and I also look back and celebrate.

I celebrate that 2019 called me to use my magic in more powerful ways.

I celebrate that I made mistakes, apologized, corrected them, and everyone grew.

I celebrate that I allowed Source to speak through me, giving guidance and support to an amazing sisterhood of clients.

I celebrate that I navigated a rocky start to my Maui retreat, unable to feel the island, unable to connect, only to have her open to me as I relaxed, creating the perfect setting by the time my clients arrived.

I celebrate that I received and gave massive support to my mastermind sisters throughout the year.

I celebrate the growth in my clients.

I celebrate all the time I spent with my grandkids and family.

I celebrate that I still love and enjoy my husband after all these years.

I celebrate the way money partnered with me to create a really fun, amazing year.

I celebrate writing my book!!! (available in spring 2020)

And I celebrate YOU. I celebrate the work that you are doing in the world, the woman you are becoming. And I am grateful.

For 2020, I claim this for us and more:

  • that we each feel our soul mission;
  • that we all are able to forward that mission;
  • moments of peace;
  • moments of joy;
  • moments of learning;
  • moments of growth;
  • and massive abundance.

As we move forward into the new decade, I invite you to look back at all that you have achieved, and celebrate!  This acknowledgment is an important tool in creating more of what you want in the coming decade!

with all my heart,


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