Lindsay A. Miller had begun to explore the use of visibility and transformative photography to reclaim the wounded parts in her clients, while I was deep in a certification program learning to draw the gifts from childhood wounds.

We were both so excited about our new work, and the healing it was bringing to our clients.

And then, as we shared and chatted, the idea slid into our awareness subtly, revealing itself bit by bit, as ideas from the Feminine often do.

“I want your magic for my clients,” I told her. “I want them to feel beautiful and visible.”

“I have another idea,” she said. “A way to go deeper…”

I like deeper. As we go deeper, we achieve more healing. We are more able to reintegrate the parts of ourselves that we’ve hidden in shadow, and we become whole.

When we are whole, our work becomes holy work.

Holy work is aligned with the Divine, where all things are possible, including opening the space for lots of money, success, connection and love.

“Let’s go deeper,” I agreed.

We have just completed our third year of doing this integrative work together.

We begin by bringing the women in my year – long program together to deeply explore their own wounds.

In 2019, we gathered on California’s central coast on a cold, windy weekend where the women discovered how they are uniquely designed by their childhood traumas to serve their perfect clients and how to position themselves in the marketplace.

They learned what words to use in their marketing to attract those perfect clients by exploring the emotions in their own wounding.

Then we took them out to an abandoned building and honored the wounds with a photoshoot.

The next day, we showed them the photos.

There was silence in the room. In sisterhood we all held space for the Divine to enter each woman. For the healing of seeing and being seen to occur.

Each woman sighed as she viewed her wounded self with love, with compassion.

Each woman left the retreat changed.

The next few months were spent integrating these lost parts they had reclaimed, using what they had learned and deepening their personal and business growth.

Then, we called them together again, to the magical island of Maui, to embody the Divine Feminine that lives within each of us.

Early morning flights and the logistics of arriving in an unknown place can be hard challenges, so the first day was a struggle for many.

They stuck with it, as I guided them to a deeper understanding of who they are and the power within.

Day two was an experience that expanded their ability to receiveopened them to new money channels, brought them closer to embodying their Divine Feminine.

Day three! We took them to a waterfall, the edge of the ocean and a beach at sunset, and Lindsay photographed them in their power.

I’m always enthralled with this work. With what comes up. With the way that I feel Source moving through us as we hold space for their transformations.

During the next two weeks Lindsay and I will be sharing this year’s journey with these extraordinary women who have said YES to going deep, to allow all parts of themselves to be called forth, to be seen for their highest good and the good of all. 

I invite you to drink in their beauty and their power, as it is a reflection of your own beauty and power. And please, leave a note to let them know how much you appreciate their willingness to be the showers of this new way.

With all my heart,


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