Imagine what it must be like to be the expert brought in to provide transformational work, then to drop your ego to be truly seen.

One of the greatest gifts of working with Lindsay A Miller is being a witness to someone who walks the walk. Lindsay does the work that she asks others to do. So much so, that when she comes on retreat to photograph my clients, she too is willing to be in front of the camera, to be in her wounds.

To have them seen. To feel the healing balm of being witnessed.. Rather than devalue her work, in this way she is more respected, more loved. She illuminates the pathway to success for those she is photographing.

As part of my Art of Feminine Marketing Sistermind program, I ask Lindsay to join our live retreats. Our first retreat of the year is about the power of your wounds. Childhood wounds are your keys to magnetically attract and connect with your right tribe, your divine right clients. After we mine the wounds for information, we take the women on a photoshoot to honor these wounds.

Lindsay’s wound was not fitting into this world. I can see many of her clients, all thought-leaders and change-agents as having this same wound: “How do I achieve and stay on the cutting edge in a world designed for conformity when the lowest common denominator represents the status – quo?”  “How do I function in the world when nothing is designed for me?”

So, Lindsay sat on an oversized couch with her feet dangling in the air. She raged at the unfairness of “nothing fitting”. Then she got quiet, sadness overcame her. We saw the little girl who still lived inside of her. The little girl who often felt abandoned and alone. As if there was no place for her.

We all felt love for her. Because who hasn’t felt this way? And it eased some fear in us that we were the only ones. We saw in Lindsay’s photos that we can have this feeling inside and still be incredibly successful, respected and loved.

However, we weren’t done.

Lindsay came back into the group for our Divine Feminine Essence retreat in Maui a few months later.

The day of the photoshoot Lindsay guided us to a beautiful jungle waterfall setting. It was breathtaking, but the light kept shifting. It was very different from the day that Lindsay had scouted the site. After shooting the women, I insisted Lindsay hand me the camera and become the subject. She grumbled, didn’t like where the sun had moved to. I was having problems with my footing, keeping the frame set up the way she had handed it to me.

We breathed through it. Shifted, adjusted. Allowed Source to speak.

We moved locations, travelling to a rocky north shore location with crashing ocean waves.  The women were immediately re-energized, and the light was perfect. Lindsay creates each photographic moment exactly so that her clients have the maximum experience. Women jumped up to have their photos taken. An audience of onlookers formed. Lindsay came alive. The world might not fit her, but she had created this moment, this time, to perfectly fit all of us. The waves crashed as the women filled with power, and Linsday captured it all on film.

And then, she allowed us to capture her image, her light, her power.

It was perfect!

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