Have you ever honored the deepest, most secret dark parts of your soul? For most people the answer is no, because we usually exile them and feed them a steady diet of shame. In so doing, we hide them from the love they/we crave.

When I started to explore this with Lindsay A Miller, she told me that she has seen these parts lurk in almost every client’s photo shoot. They are right there, under the surface, screaming to be seen.

One of the core pieces of my year-long Art Of Feminine Marketing Sistermind program brings these parts into the light, mining their gifts of wisdom in service to my client’s work.

Lindsay’s body of work involves photographing these wounds and gifts, illuminating their gift – giving potential and healing the sting.

Lindsay and I each knew that this would be a perfect collaborative fit, and we decided to offer, as part of my coaching package, to blend photography into the discovery and acknowledgement of each woman’s wound and gifts.

I added two weekend retreats to a year long program that shows women how to rock their profits the feminine way.

The first weekend is about the wound. Uncovering it. Exposing it to the light. Pulling from it the correct marketing language. And then, honoring it with a photo shoot.

Nicolette Tura’s wound was being a broken repulsive failure. No matter how many degrees or certifications she had, no matter how loved she was by her clients, she returned over and over to this wound.

Broken, repulsive failure.

“What would it look like,” Julie asked, “if you dressed as a broken, repulsive failure?”

Nicolette softened. “My body never looked like women on tv and in magazines. I’ve always felt broken and unloveable,” she admitted.

As a result of this belief, Nicolette had spent years hiding under extra weight. And when she lost that, she hid under layers of clothing.

She was also hiding one of her superpowers: her magnetic, sensual Divine Feminine essence.

So for the first photoshoot, we dressed her as the lowest feminine energy, broken and repulsive.

When Lindsay aimed the camera at her, she let it all out. Years of pain, of hiding. Years of anger, building up. Years of holding back. It all came out to be witnessed.

The women, in seeing her, wrapped her in love.

She was free.

Her new freedom showed at our Divine Feminine Essence retreat months later.

“I’ve deepened my relationship with my husband so it’s lifegiving to both of us,” she reported. “I’ve redefined the way I want to do my work in the world. I know who I’m meant to serve and what I’m meant to transform in their lives. It’s easy when I have a conversation with the right women, and it’s easy for them to say yes. And I’m comfortable in asking for what I want!”

“I am enough, I have always been enough. Life is so good.”

“I want you to photograph me as the Channel of Feminine Wisdom”

We took her to the jungle and she opened. The power of the Feminine flowed from her. Her sensual magnetism shone.

She is now leading her clients to a new level of alignment with their energy, their gifts and the co-creation of the lives they are dreaming of and deserve. Because they, too, are enough.

She was, and is, a true example of Feminine Wisdom.

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