Thank you so much for being witness to the journey of the women I shared last week.

Each day, we celebrated a new woman. Each day, your witness of these journeys created a connection that contributed to healing and release of emotions: unworthy, invisible, small, powerless, angry. By simply acknowledging their presence in your inbox, your highest light contributed to the women continuing to stand in their magnificence.

So often, we women think we need to do it all alone, including our growth. The reality is, we are designed to be in community, and our growth is exponential when witnessed and supported by those around us.

The women who took on this journey, exploring both their shadow and their power, are heroes. As you saw, it wasn’t always easy. But they did it anyway.

This is an invitation to learn more about these women as they share this experience in their own voices.

Through them, it is possible to see pathways to your own growth, healing, and widening your ability to receive more abundance.

Join us LIVE, on Facebook, each day next week

at 1 pm pacific for Voices of Feminine Power.

We are sharing:

  • How to define success on your terms;
  • How to create success through the activation of your Feminine Power;
  • The correct way for your masculine energy to support your creative ideas to create real world results; and
  • The process for opening to a richer, more abundant, juicy life so you attract the right clients, more money and respect for your wisdom.

You don’t have to sign up. Just show up with you pen and paper to capture words of emergent, deep wisdom.

To your highest and best life,

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